somebody feed my aluminum boat design to me

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Hunterr, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Hunterr
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    Hunterr Junior Member

    my boat Layout's link =>

    This is an aluminum boat for fishing
    LOA -10.41m
    LBP -7.74m
    designed load draft line-0.27m
    225PS outboard Honda motor will be installed.

    I am a boat design newbie and designed this boat with Rhino.
    I need some advice regarding Lines shape and general arragnement.

    and, I am really wondering how accurate every hydrostatic and dynamic values of Orca3D are.

    I will buy a hydrostatic and hydrodynamic calculation program tomorrow.
    please recommend a software which has exact reliability values.
    and teach me Orca3D's pros&cons.
  2. TANSL
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    I don't know the type of fishing you want to make but keep in mind that this boat is very sensitive to movements of the weights which, in fishing boats, is undesirable.
    With so powerful engine fuel spend much more than the value of what you catch.
    These are some shapes to a planing boat, not right for a fishing boat, in my opinion.
    The bow is very low and very low freeboard. Most days can not go fishing because of the height of the waves.
    The model in Rhino is very nice.
    In short, as a fishing boat, I don't see that the forms are adequate.

    And the last point: aluminum is a material too delicate for the rough work of a fishing boat
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  3. Jamie Kennedy
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    Jamie Kennedy Senior Member

    Very good points by TANSL. Also good to study the existing local designs, and talk to the local fishermen about how they are used and why they are built the way they are.

    Fishing boats equiped with powerful lights to attract squid at night Seogwipo harbor Jeju Do South Korea...
  4. Kevin Morin
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    Kevin Morin Junior Member

    Design Remarks

    I too think that Tansl makes good observations, therefore, without more information about the boat's use- recreational or commercial fishing and the type of fishing, waters and weather... then remarking about the boat is hard.

    I note the forward body sections of the bottom (chine to keel) are hollow? I think that is a poor decision if the boat will be welded aluminum. These sections do not appear to be developable (is that a word?) surfaces......therefore; the hull would have to formed with rolling/forming equipment or planked. Either method would add significantly to the effort to build and I don't believe that hollow forefoot sections will improve either handling or performance?

    The bottom rails/longitudinals shown in orange/yellow should be fair in all views, in my experience. They are badly hogged in the Body Section View (bow on) and that indicates to me they will not function well in a following sea? I'd say this hull, as drawn, with the hollow forward sections combined with a wide transom will slew badly in a overtaking following sea.

    If we knew the fishing gear type, the waters and the loads anticipated, more informed remarks might be possible?

    I will remark about the proposed metal building material. In some high value fisheries, where speed of delivery, relatively low volume loads and prices paid in proportion to quality of protein delivered are all factors; high speed outboard powered, welded aluminum fishing boats are the most successful boats.

    However, the displacement hull fishing boats, shown above in a post, are another type of fishery all together and those boats' hull forms and materials are reflective of their fisheries. So welded aluminum is plenty tough, we use it almost exclusively in Alaskan shore-based commercial net fishing for salmon- but the added costs of construction should be justified in the narrower scope of use implied by the fishing this boat will do.

    Kevin Morin
    Kenai, AK, USA

  5. TANSL
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    TANSL Senior Member

    Of course, our opinions may be totally wrong once known the type of fishing that will carry the boat. Meanwhile I think that kind of ship and that material would be suitable only for sport fishing in sheltered waters.
    Regarding hydrostatic and other calculations, Hunterr do not worry, I will do if you send me the final model of the boat.
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