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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Sougnip, May 11, 2008.

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    Hi and thanks you for taking a moment to help me out.
    Am 18 years old living in miami and a few weeks away from graduation,i think i know what i want to do after highschool. I love fishing and ive been dying to get my hands on some money to build a boat from scratch. i have pages of sketchs and ideas and materials to build on for the last 2 years. but i havent had the chance to andam determined and made it a New years Res. to get it done.
    i would like some info on how to get started, hwat i have to do for a career in the field, where to go, who could i intern with, program, software, anything would be a big help.
    Thanks Again
  2. rwatson
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    You are in a good place - just starting out.
    I would recomend you build the biggest stitch and glue ply boat you can afford - from existing plans.
    It might be a 12 ft kayak, a 16 ft dinghy or a 20 ft sailing boat.
    You will get the best value for the easiest build, and you will learn a lot by getting a project you can finish.

    I was pleased with the variety and service at
    but there are heaps of great value plans out there to choose from.

    Have a lot of fun.
  3. lewisboats
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    For the career in the field you should start with an engineering degree...preferably slanted towards boat and ship design. There are some colleges that offer these courses and I am sure some of our Naval Architects will chime in here with some recommendations. To start with though...I would recommend classes in drafting, CAD programs such as Rhino and of course business courses if you plan on making your own business of it.
    I don't mean to be mean and I hope you take this how it is help you out. You should take a typing or keyboarding class to help you with your needs a bit of polishing up.

    Good luck
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