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    It would almost be comical if it wasn't so dangerous a situation...

    The leader of the Somali pirates said he will free the Danish family "without conditions," if the parents allow him to marry 13-year-old daughter

    The Quist Johansen family and two crew members, kidnapped by Somali pirates last month while on a round-the-world sailing trip, are described as “exhausted” by a Danish reporter who saw them last week. The leader of the pirates said he would release the family if the parents allowed him to marry their 13-year-old daughter.

    The five-member Danish family were kidnapped on February 24th. After a failed rescue attempt by Somali government troops earlier this month, they were moved offshore to a Greek freighter, MS Dover, with 20 other hostages.

    “The father, Jan Quist Johansen, seemed completely exhausted, even ill,” said a reporter from the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet who was allowed on board for 24 hours. “The rest of the family is tired and angry. One of the crew members never lifted his eyes once. He seemed crushed, demoralized. While I was with them he only looked at the deck. They all want the nightmare to be over as soon as possible.”

    The reporter said that conditions aboard the ship were terrible. “The smell is unbearable, the pirates slaughter three goats every day and leave the entrails lying around,” he said in his story.

    The leader of the pirates said that if he was allowed to marry 13-year old Naja Johansen, the rest of the family would be freed “without any conditions.” The pirates have reportedly demanded US$5m ransom for the family and crew.

    The European Union’s anti-piracy naval force estimates that Somali pirates are now holding a total of 31 vessels and 688 hostages.

    I believe the time has come for international forces to take a fully offensive indiscrimitive action rather than response to these arseholes and start making chum from any African or Arab on the water in small boats armed or otherwise and not having a net on board. Local governments of nationals involved will never take responsibility. There is so much money to be made by fat cat politicians offering protection therefore other responsible governments must take 'affirmative' action to protect seafarers. Affirmative action as in simply making it lethal for any African or Arab in the region not sailing a dhow on legitimate business to launch a boat from land on ship.
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    It might look so, but is probably not so easy to implement in reality.
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    They need to recieve a large dose of fragmentation bombs wrapped in pigs' guts.
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