Solomon Technologies - "Electric Wheel" electric motor propulsion systems

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by lockhughes, Jun 18, 2002.

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    Which goes to prove you can use math to prove just about anything! or bu****it or is it the same thing? the main thing is getting anybody to listen! Jeess, we're only allocated a certain amount of time on earth, would you want to waste it listening to some crackbrained numpty explaining that something that makes virtually no diference is about as useful as a bucket with a hole in it!
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    [​IMG]trouty your briliant and i get back to you in time
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    Cause he's bloody brilliant but is he any use? (other than a large pee taker - he good at that!)
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    Hallo Trouty, Your lenghty explanation on theory of relativity do make it clear to me of the theory " the more you learn..the more you forget" can't even remember now what's that. Anyway..I do really agree with you about the positive and negative reaction and pairing. Do agree with you about the abundant amount of energy waiting to be harness. Know something about the lost tressure of Tesla ?. Don't know if it is real or not..; America is a country that really in need of a war..if this world become too peacefull..who is going to buy all those super advance weapon produce by their firms..?Weapons are make to kill..they need enemy to utilise their run their economy. They have to utilise it justified those weapon make what if somebody else got wasted..collateral what if some Americans thats too young to drink in publics and yet old enough too be wasted in foreign soil bought it.."Ceasars" won't blink an eye on all those carnage..after all they are just collateral damage..:rolleyes:
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    so u knew Trouty....... personally:D :D :D

    at least I get a laugh after reading papers on cock fighting and rubbish.....
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    Power Solutions: MEG, Over-Unity, and Mr. Bearden

    I was doing a search on Solomon Technologies, and came across this Blog starting in 2002... I haven't read all of the responses, but saw a few from Trout... and had heard about this "World Solution" from others.:confused:

    "The picture" Trout has posted a couple of times is on the Internet in a few places, but I have yet to see something working. FYI- I am neither a math wiz or maritime or power engineer, just curious on power technologies and some continuously variable transmission (CVT) -like options. I personally like the Stirling engine concept, but there is very little that can transfer into power sufficient for most applications [an expensive fan to put on your wood stove is quite a nice application].

    Everything on the internet is NOT fact, nor good for you :)
    If you scroll about half-way down on, you'll see
    ***SNIP*** The Motionless Electric Generator (MEG)
    Post Mortem Analysis
    The forum Bearden choose to disclose his device was JLN labs. A well known internet website, run by Jean Louis Naudin. As the most popular over-unity website, it was a logical choice. But Mr Bearden was not trying to be charitable by this act, in fact it was all part of a carefully calculated hype campaign, spanning multiple media outlets, designed to enable Mr Bearden to win massive venture capital backing for the ‘MEG,’ so that research could be taken up to the next level. In this respect at least, Mr Bearden appears to have been extremely successful, and did indeed win millions of dollars of funding, to launch a multinational research effort, that in time, truly spanned the globe. His every wish was granted, and the MEG team had at a their disposal, all the funds the could reasonably have wished for. In this respect, it is impossible to claim the device was ‘suppressed.’ ***END SNIP***

    But the "Factoid" on Mr. Beardons Web Site still states as of today ***SNIP*** "Factoid: the MEG's development has been funded entirely by the inventors' savings and a few modest donations." ***END SNIP*** And -
    ***SNIP*** "Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 17:27:07 -0600


    We are just beginning again to rebuild another MEG demonstrator, for testing and then funding to complete the program.

    We have a very hard year to a year and a half of work on the MEG, before it is out of engineering development and ready for production engineering. At that time, with successful conclusion of ED we will hopefully be in condition to place the system on the market.

    Best wishes,

    Tom Bearden

    ***END SNIP***
    On his web site, you can see his latest on garnering energy from Vacuum, among other 'discussions' for your own informed decision.

    I have heard Mr. Bearden and followers is/are still touting his magic power wand, to include trying to get people to buy into generators for their back-up home requirements... just give him money and be on the leading edge of what'll eventually roll in some day... how many years now? Here is the latest I could find on "Over-Unity" from the "Source", JNL Labs.

    IMHO... I wouldn't be designing a boat, ship or anything beside some lab toys; floating aluminum foil in the air isn't going to get your hull far.:rolleyes:

    For something a bit more promising, you may be interested in

    FYI - Some folks were discussing the DD(X) has a blurb - ***SNIP*** PROPULSION

    It is envisaged that the DD(X) would have an all-electric drive with an integrated power system, (IPS) based on in-hull permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMMs) with Advanced Induction Motors (AIM) as a possible backup solution. The provision of electric drive eliminates the need for drive shaft and reduction gears and brings benefits in acoustic signature reduction, an increase in available power for weapon systems and improvements in the quality of life for crew.

    The IPS would supply power to other ship systems such as the combat systems and allow the rapid reconfiguration of power requirements.

    DRS Technologies Power Technology unit has received development contracts for the PMM motors, electric drive and control system for the IPS. The Rolls-Royce MT30 36MW gas turbine generator set has been selected to power the IPS EDM and Rolls-Royce delivered the first set in February 2005. The MT30 has 80% commonality with the Rolls-Royce Trent 800 aero engine and Rolls-Royce states that it is the most powerful marine gas turbine in the world. CAE will supply the integrated platform management system.
    ***END SNIP***
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    Re: Tom Bearden et al. Tip: Learn some science. Nutbars who don't know jack about physics but claim 'over-unity' inventions (devices that violate the first law of thermodynamics and as such cannot possibly work as claimed) are not going to solve the world's problems. And there's nothing at all new or innovative about coupled capacitors.
    Re: The DD(X) and DRS, magnetic refrigeratioin, etc. Now THIS might go somewhere!
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    can you tell me more?

    I'd like to find out more about this - can you tell me a bit more how it works?
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    Can you fill me in some more?

    Would like to find out more about this - have you proceeded any further? Thanks.
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    Pure ********!
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    You assert that the statement M=T is true, (where you define T as "change in time").
    Not so.
    And certainly not consistent with understanding of the equation E=MC^2.
    C is the constant in that equation.

    Note that neither delta t, nor mass, are constants.

    Invoking this equation shows the assertions that follow to be impossible, as opposed to "proving" them.

    This stuff really is nonsense.

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    Trouty- I know these things are good for a laugh now and then, always fun to pull a leg or two, but this one's come up so many times now that I'm starting to wonder if you might actually believe it. And that has me worried. The theory (and math) behind relativity is a hell of a lot more complicated than these rants. Latent energy trapped within time? Sorry, but that's bull and has no place in a serious discussion like this one. Please leave this sort of fiction out of here.
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    Look at
    We build 2 65' boats powered by 2 2 1/2 hp motors and Volvo Saildrives. Speed is good and they are incredably quiet. USCG approved it.
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    I read every post in this and after all the BS math and such I have come to the conclusion that I know more about Relativity then Trouty, and that while electric looks promiseing it isnt about the way you convert energy into propulsion its about the way/medium you store the energy to create that propulsion.

    Im not a NA nor am I a boat designer. I am however a 1600T master with Ocean endorsements, and 20+ years blue water sailing. I am presently restoring a 60' double ender and I have been considering electric as a form of aux prop. However after reading a great deal here about Batts and Generators, 2 things keep comming to the front.

    1. The equivalent cost of Batt's, Gen, and Electric motor, are higher then Engine/Trans, smaller gen.

    2. Lea shores scare the hell out of me, and I would sure hate to have dead batts, underpowered electric motor.

    Im still intrested and I have even skippered some 120' Diesel electric ships in my past, but I just dont see this as an affordable alternative to a Diesel Aux.

    Please correct me if I am worng as I am at the decision point right now, not 10 years from now.

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    1600T master with Ocean endorsements?

    I have been known to use my sails to get off a lee shore... without an engine.
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