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Discussion in 'Software' started by Peter Edmonds, Aug 10, 2013.

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    I am developing SolidWorks as my primary design platform in support of my design practice.

    In the preparation of layout/arrangement models it is very useful to be able to import surface models of components, equipment, furniture etc. Those doing this will understand the process. This follows the importing of 2D CAD views into our drawings.

    Finding sources of useful items is an issue, and I call upon Forum members for support.

    I have just found the wide range of outboard engine Rhino files under Design > Software> Outboard Engine CAD files.

    A couple of years ago I found significant material in GrabCAD. I didn't do very well in finding by category/group at the time. I did achieve and use a generic outboard motor from this source; sufficient for the requirement at the time.

    For GrabCAD to be useful to the marine designer it would probably require the downloading of all useful models found, and then ordering and grouping in a manner useful to the user. Great for anyone who has done it, but not available to anyone else.

    I've just found out that HamiltonJet, of Christchurch, NZ are a SW user. Surface models are available for some of their range, with representative surface models for the rest of their range. This is very well worth while if you are doing jet boats.

    Inboard and sterndrive propulsion engines is a major issue, particularly at the early stages in a design. I haven't started searching supplier by supplier; hence this call to Forum members.
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