SolidWorks Center Console

Discussion in 'Software' started by sweetwater, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Thank You, Most Helpful,
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    Hi to all,

    I have been using SolidWorks since his 2001 plus edition. And what I can tell you that it is excellent with all his bugs.

    About his wrong mass prop. I always calculate all mass in separate excel tables where beside mass prop. calculate expenses and time needed to build a boat and then with that table project manager built Gant chart and plan.

    I it true statement that beside metal sheet, SolidWorks does not have plate development but his add called SurfaceWorks has it. SurfaceWorks is surface modeler where you have 100% control of your surface, develop able or not.

    Precision of developed plates is accurate enough and you can get lines where you need to apply pressure with bending machine.

    And final but not last SolidWorks has it own PDM. With PDM and server it has capability to several people work on project in the same time and to use same files as envelope.

    That is what I can say about SolidWorks. All his function were tested in production facility in practice. Wright now I can't send you pictures of boats but if someone has doubt I will posted it.

    That's all folks.

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    Do you have any profile shots of a center console boat? I need a picture for use in Corel Draw x4. .eps or vector file.

    Thanks, Louis
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    do you know the difference between a car salesman and a software salesman? the car saleman knows he's lying!

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    Hi to all!

    Just want to share some thoughts.

    Here's how I use each CAD software listed below for ships design:

    1. Maxsurf - best for calculation (e.g. hydrostatic, & intact stability)
    2. Rhino & AutoCAD - better for 3D design of the whole vessel
    3. Solidworks - is useful in 3D detailing especially on ships construction, deck layout, engine room arrangement, and even to determine the strength of materials I guess. ;)

    And right now, I'm learning to use the DelftShip Software.
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