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    Is there anywhere online that I can look up the SOLAS requirements?


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    There are no SOLAS "requirements" per se. Rather the client states of International Maritime Orginization (IMO) enact regulations that support the intent of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Go to the IMO website to see the convention.
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    You can find a lot online if you Google hard enough but it takes some searching. Buying the publication adds up.

    A lot of the rules made by the class societies incorporate a lot if not mostly of SOLAS (which makes sense). See for ABS and for Germanischer Lloyd.

    And I guess you know you only have to comply with SOLAS when you're involved with international voyages taking more than 12 guests.

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    Starting with January 2009, new SOLAS regulations regarding probabilistic calculation of damage stability will enter into force.

    I have only excerpts from these new rules, so I am missing something. So:
    - does anyone know is there a new formula for calculation of requied subdivision index R for cargo ships?
    - what are the differences in calculation of factor s (regarding "range" in degrees)?

    Thanks everyone in advance.

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