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    Hello all,

    We are a composite boatbuilding factory in Viet Nam. Our strength in this field is manufacture Kayak, Canoe and some small speedboats.

    Now, we plan to build a new boat with electric propulsion and this electric motor is completely powered by solar energy.

    The boat we plant to build is made by Composite and it's engine is electric engine and we use solar panel to supply energy for this engine. The capacity of the engine is about 8KW ~ 10,7HP.

    You can see the link for more information: . Our boat is the same with this project.

    But now, we got some troubles with Viet Nam Register. The problem is Viet Nam Register don't have any technical regulations to control solar power boat. They require us supply them some regulations related to solar power boat and they will consider these regulations before accept for us to build this boat.

    So, have you ever try to built this type of boat? Can you guide us how to go with them or show me where we can find the technical regulations for solar power boat? If no, anyone can introduce for me any designer can do the design for this type of boat with DNV/ABS/Lloyd approved?

    Hope to receive replies from you guys.

    Thank you very much.
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    I don't know about the regs but I love that video, very cool!
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