Softwares for Dynamic Ship Analysis

Discussion in 'Software' started by rat-man, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. rat-man
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    rat-man New Member

    i'm interested in some software (free or low cost) for the dynamic analysis of a ship in waves or in ships interaction.
    What software do you use and can advise me that matches those characteristics of cost?
    thank you
  2. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Michlet is a free CFD program for thin non-planing hulls. It can handle monohulls and multihulls, and can be made to model fleets of up to five ships provided they are travelling parallel and at the same speed. However, it does assume calm water, ie. it can calculate the far-field interactions between the wakes of the ships in a fleet, but not the effect of waves from an arbitrary bearing on the boat itself, or the near-field interactions.
    The task you set is insanely complicated even for a high-end finite volume modeller such as Fluent. Ships travelling in a fleet as discussed above can be modelled by Michlet, at least as far as resistance and wavemaking is concerned, but I'm not aware of any free software (or any expensive software either, for that matter) that can put a hull in arbitrary seas and predict its motion accurately.
  3. jehardiman
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    jehardiman Senior Member

    Rat-man. I have a pretty good idea what you're thinking about (i.e. maximum response prediction for whatever requirement...roll, pitch, slamming,etc.); and right now it can't be done with current methods. The US Navy has spent millions over the last 10 years trying to handle that question and burned up most of the chaos theories. Ship response in waves is either handled stochastically in the frequency domain, or you write your own problem specific first principles code and populate the parametric matrix.
  4. Andrew Mason
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    Andrew Mason Senior Member

    I assume you mean ship motions rather than ship resistance.

    Free or low cost, there is not much available.

    At a reasonable price we have Seakeeper which is a frequency domain strip theory motions program. If you need multibody analysis or non ship shapes, you need to look at programs such as WAMIT or Moses, but the costs are high.
  5. rat-man
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    rat-man New Member

    thank you very much, i meant ship motion, only for "ship-like" structures, so Seakeeper could be very very interesting for me.
    is this a link to this software, isn't it?
    it is a maxsurf-application, i think...
    thank you very much!

    anyway, looking for Moses too on the web, i saw there's a free trial version of this software too...
  6. Andrew Mason
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    Andrew Mason Senior Member

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  7. Martijn_vE
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    Martijn_vE Marine software developer

    Free seakeeping software

    PDStrip is a free seakeeping program. It is based on basic strip theory, just like Seaakeeper I believe.
    It was specially developed for sailing yachts, so it can also calculate shiips under heel or assymmetrical hulls.
    You can download it from
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  8. douugvn
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    douugvn New Member

    i know somes software for analysis :

    * Tensioned marine risers
    * Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs)
    * Hybrid Riser systems
    * Flexible Risers
    * Umbilicals


    * Spread mooring systems
    * Jetty mooring systems
    * Turret (external and internal) moored systems
    * Single Point Moorings
    * Oceanographic mooring systems
    * Aquaculture moorings

    Installation Analysis

    * Pipelay analysis
    * Anchor and mooring deployment
    * Riser installation
    * Cable lay dynamics
    * Through-splash zone deployment
    * Deep water installation of subsea hardware
    * Seabed plough deployment and operation
    * Offshore lift dynamics
    * Deflect-to-connect and cross-seabed pull-in
    * Stab and Hinge simulation

    Buoy Systems

    * CALM buoys
    * SPAR buoys
    * Mid-water arches
    * Metocean buoys

    Hose Systems

    * Under-buoy hoses
    * Offloading hoses
    * Floating hoses

    Towed Systems

    * Towed bundle dynamics
    * Seismic arrays
    * Towed bodies


    * Minesweeping studies
    * Ship-to-ship replenishment
    * Dunking sonar modelling
    * Helicopter landing systems
    * Floating protection booms and nets

    Renewable Energy

    * Wave power systems
    * Offshore wind farm installation
    * Wind turbine modelling
    * Power cable take-off


    * Seabed stability analysis
    * ROV footprint analysis
    * Sea fastening design
    * Aquaculture & marine security nets
    * Carousel and reel loading
    such as : Tribon, Napa, Maxsurf, GHS, RhinoMarine, Shipma
  9. viet_ntu
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    viet_ntu Junior Member

    i see.. u know a lot of software name only lol :D
  10. b1ck0
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    b1ck0 Senior Member

    Hi, I am a student in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. I am a lazy man, with strong skills in programming, so I decided to develope a Web-Site based system to calculate the ship behaviour in Still Water and in irregular wave condition. It calculates:
    - Reduction coefficients
    - The inertia moments, added mass, damping coefficients, natural periods of motions
    - Transmission functions
    - The spectral dencity of wave is calculated too by ITTC57
    - The shifting speeds and accelerations of the ship
    - The statistical characteristics of motions are determined.

    I will allow you to use it for free ... just contact me at:
    vasil.yordanov [at] email [dot] bg.

    I have developed such system and for Resistance Prediction by BSRA method, but I can make it for any method you can tell ... just for free.
    If anyone is interested, contact me!

    I want to ask, if there is a professor ot assoc. professor here contact me, for a little help in my new project ;)
  11. magwas
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    magwas Senior Member

    I would think that modelling ship response to waves in the determinate case (you should give the wave modell) would be possible with any FEM software, like FreeFEM. Even effects of bottom in shallow water. It is just computation intensive.
  12. Leo Lazauskas
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    Leo Lazauskas Senior Member

    The US Navy's Ship Motion Program (SMP) is still around and free, the last I heard. It was the outcome of the work by Salvesen Tuck and Faltinsen. For those interested in some hydro history, this is probably the work that established the great reputation of the three authors, and it is the basis of nearly all subsequent strip theories.

    Documentation is available in pdf form at:
    If that doesn't work try:

    The source code (in old Fortran) is in the manual. I'm not sure where the source code lives these days. I have re-written slabs of it for myself, and included thin-ship routines in a program called "FLOTSM" but I haven't had time to write a manual documenting the extensions.

    Good luck!
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  13. khabiran
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    khabiran Junior Member


    it seems no one deosnt any data about maxsurf free work
    Its the best ...
    and may be any know about offshore software???
    any body?
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