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    So, what is the industry standard design software when it comes to monohulls? There are so many program names in this forum, but as someone getting into using design programs, where would be the best place to start (ignoring cost and skill!)
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    We have only an one way: reading of a manuals ( or user guides ) and comparing. It's my point of view, of course.

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    Dim its right, follow the posts here at the forum and download as many demos you may feel to try.

    good luck

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    The only program that i feel could be construed as "industry standard" is AutoCad. Most people have it, inc designers NA's and builders and it is a general workhorse for drawings/detailing. As for the other specialised surface modellers/analysis programs, these are purely add ons to your suite of tools that compliment each other but don't allow you to necessarily converse with other parties.
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