software to calculate layup of carbon / glass

Discussion in 'Software' started by waynemarlow, Mar 24, 2009.

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    Is there any software available that can help deduce loadings enough to say help in calculating the required glass or carbon layups for say a beam or float ama, doesn't need to be overly complex and accurte but good enough to get a rough idea.

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    You could also try The Laminator, a well-done shareware software for calculation of laminate properties.
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    And why did´nt you tell me that earlier?:rolleyes:
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    Try ComposeIT, the FREE sofware from Bureau Veritas.
    The software ComposeIT allows to perform a detailed strength analysis of composite panels and stiffeners for yacht structure.
    ComposeIT has been developed according to the Rules for the Classification and the Certification of Yachts (NR 500, edition July 2006 completed by the Amendments February 2008 which enters into force 1st May 2008)
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    Going from first principals

    Guys & Gals, I am having problems going from entering loads into the laminater program, its probably simply a fact of not allocating enough time to learn the program and or not knowing enough detailed structural design. My problem is sailing season is here and I want to get my boat on the water but without this key calculation I can't proceed.

    Can anyone help do a quick entering of the values if I PM a drawing or known loading parameters ? Quite happy to purchase a licence for the program as I'm sure I will be able to use it for other parts of the design which can be done later.

    With thanks.:)
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