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    EEDI is abbreviation of Energy Efficiercy Design Index. According to the national requirements,
    Every new ship built for international voyages needs to calculate this index. This software system is based on the latest international standards MEPC.308(73), and can calculate the EEDI index of all ship types listed in the specification.

    Following is a short explaination of our software system.

    1,Software function
    A: Calculate EEDI based on the latest international standards MEPC.308(73)
    B: Automatically generate reports in pdf format
    C: Save database in xml format

    2,Shortcut on desktop

    3,Start Up UI

    4,UI Layout

    5,Click node to display table

    6,Dropdown box

    7,Display Results

    8,Reports Generation

    9,XML as Data Base

    10,Jump Function (in summary table click the last column)

    If you are interested in this software,you are welcomed to contact me.
    Just leave me a message.
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    Dear Sir,Good day!
    Thanks for your kind consideration, Attached file is a trial version for your information (the description and manual file are in Chinese.)

    Attached Files:

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