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    ovidiuse ONESoft Software

    SoftONE-CNC generates NC-code from TRIBON (Aveva Marine) “gen” files and AUTOCAD “dxf” files for computer controlled burning machines with plasma arc cutting, gas cutting, laser cutting and other manufacturing applications.
    SoftONE-CNC is designed to run in Windows 2000/XP.
    The graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to learn. A new user can produce reliable NC-code within the first ten minutes of using SoftONE-CNC.

    SoftONE-CNC offers the following main features:
    - Converts TRIBON “gen” CAD files to reliable NC-code for 2 axis cutting machine from Tribon Nesting and Panel Line Control modules;
    - Converts CAD “dxf” files to reliable NC-code for 2 axis cutting machine from Autocad and other CAD systems;
    - Converts NC codes from ESSI standard to G-Code standard and vice versa via back plotting function;
    - Converts NC codes back to DXF files via back plotting function
    - Back plotting of NC code function (NC Viewer);
    - Kerf tool compensation NC code calculation function
    - Automatic error correction features;
    - Automatic path generation;
    - Manipulation of “V” bevel codes (from tribon files) ;
    - Easy to learn graphical user interface;

    More information on:

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