So whos up for a 60ft part boat trimaran??Voice your oppinions here..

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by roughandesign, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Well here is my situation...

    Having found a new love for boats and designing them I have decided that this is the best way to end my degree so this year i will be designing a boat as my final mayor project.

    Obviously my ideas are registered to me so no sneaks out there trying to rip me off (I might be flattering myself there :) ) as all my ideas and any picture etc I post up here will all be in good faith.

    So to set the scene...

    I am going to design from the ground (water level) up a 60ft trimaran. But with a difference (I hope) instead of being aimed purely as place of luxury very the very fortunate to own I plan to design a super stylish conference room/ball room function hall.


    I have this vision of a 60ft trimaran sailing up the thames (or similar mayor river) mooring up near all the big blue-chip companies, and the MD's going mad for the opportunity to have their board of directors hold a social event on it, if you like a James bond styled boat full of professionals possibly celebrating the new year or reflecting on the years profits. It would be a highly exclusive event, 60ft isn’t the largest but that’s part of the point. The idea is to have a floor with a rap around glass wall if you like looking out over the water, be it the thames all lit up at night or the calm med during the day.

    There are boats out there that do this already...

    Well yes and no and this is where all your expertise will help... as far as I am aware there isn’t really anything out there purpose built, this would be a floating function room primarily that is a float open plan palace for the owner if they see fit. Do any of you know of "party"boats that you care to share with me?

    How will it be powered???

    Well it has to be green so traditional wind power but with a twist, this will be disclosed once the idea is protected ;)

    So without boring you all too much what do you think of the initial idea? Can you point me in the right direction of some competition or even a company that you know of that charter out yachts for such events?
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    ROUGH interesting idea : A FRESH WATER HOUSE BOAT WOW :D :D :D........ OK A TRIMARAN HOUSE BOAT what size are we talking about here 60x? ,a box ?
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