So THAT's a square-rigged sailor!

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by DaveC426913, Mar 3, 2009.

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    Thanks for this thread!

    Just got back from a Caribbean cruise where I saw the strangest boat ever. Giant, square sails, sleek, modern hull.

    And a monster! I simply could NOT believe it when I calculated its length (I was 170 feet above water, so that made the boat's length somewhere around ... 300 feet???? No WAY!)

    Googled square rigged sailboat and found the excellent illo in this thread (which won't let me necro-post). Just had to join and share.

    Attached is one of several pics I took from harbour in St. Maartens.

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    CML UK Ltd GRP & FRP Plugs Mouldings

    Looks like the Maltese Falcon to me. Built by Perini Navi. She is approx 290ft in length.
  3. apex1

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    What else.................. built completely in Turkey btw.
    L 88 m
    B 12,9 m
    D 6m, w C.board 11m
    Displ.1240 tonnes
    Sail area 2400m²
    2 x 2050 hp Deutz
    Speed 19,5 kn (under engine)

  4. PortTacker
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    Yep, Google Maltese Falcon and you will find she's been on most sailors radar for some time. She's become something of an icon....

    Aethetically .....different.
    Sail handling.....diffferent.
    Controversial when she was launched to say the least.

    But she's definitely proven herself, so the naysayers mostly keep their heads down...

    Mirabella V is another yacht you need to look up. To give you an idea of her true size - there is an elevator inside the mast!

    The two of them sailing together - what a sight!


  5. Patient
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    Patient New Member

    Looks like she's for sale too!
    Just make sure you can cough up a measly $134,055,900 USD.

    289' Perini Navi
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