SNAME Undergraduate Scholarship Program

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    From Brittany Greer at SNAME:


    SNAME continues to offer competitive scholarships to Undergraduate and Graduate student members pursuing a degree in naval architecture and marine engineering. Student members of at least four months with exceptional academic credentials are encouraged to apply.

    Application Deadline: June 1, 2015

    To learn more about Scholarships offered at SNAME, please visit

    If you have any further questions regarding scholarships, feel free to contact Brittany Greer at or via telephone at 1+703-997-6709.

    Our 2011 Recipient of the Robert N. Herbert Scholarship,
    Mark Groden, has been up to amazing things.

    After winning the Robert N. Herbert Scholarship in 2011, Mark Groden graduated in 2012, magna cum laude, with a BS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) from the University of Michigan. This was followed by a masters degree, and he is presently pursuing a PhD in NAME. During this time he served as the Chairman of the Student Steering Committee and he continues to be active in SNAME. As a part of his PhD focused on structural reliability, Mark developed a patent pending Strain Amplification Sensor to increase the safety and reliability of marine structures. He anticipates defending his PhD in spring of 2016.
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