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Discussion in 'Education' started by CDBarry, Dec 15, 2006.

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    Scholarships in both the graduate and undergraduate levels are again being provided by The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers to encourage men and women to pursue studies in the naval architectural, marine engineering, ocean engineering or closely related fields. Scholarships are available to any student regardless of nationality, though distribution of funds to non-U.S. or Canadian citizens is limited to the relative proportion of SNAME membership represented by non-U.S. or Canadian citizens (currently about 23 percent). Applicants must be SNAME members, and preference is given to applicants planning to study in U.S. or Canadian schools. In special cases, U.S. or Canadian scholarship recipients can study at fully accredited international schools. Read more ... <>
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    membership in sname is free???? I know that it is not free for students also.
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    Hi Mr. Barry,

    I tried to send an email via email, did that ever get to you? :confused:

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    SNAME membership is not free. Student memberships are $35 (annual dues). Other memberships are anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on the level of membership.

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    Since you get a 50% or so discount on books, joining SNAME as a student is a pretty good deal, even without a scholarship. (I had a SNAME scholarship at one point, so I may be unduly influenced.)

    I haven't seen any emails. I can also be reached through the SNAME site under "T&R Panels", or by searching Google for my blog "Thermodynamics for dogs".
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