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    From SNAME:


    We are now accepting scholarship applications for SNAME graduate students.
    The Scholarship application deadline is February 1

    In the past decade, SNAME has rewarded over 2 million dollars in scholarship funds to deserving SNAME student members who have excelled academically within the Naval and Marine Engineering Industry. During the 2014-2015 school year, we expect to reward award recipients over $200,000.00!

    Why should you Apply for a SNAME Graduate Scholarship?

    Receiving a SNAME scholarship is without a doubt great step forward in your education! Being recognized by your peers for your academic achievements is a distinguished and valuable honor. A SNAME scholarship leverages your commitment to hard work and achievement. This peer and industry recognition will help you develop fuller potential in your academic career and set you apart. Whether you are a student, you have a student in your family, or know someone who may benefit we want to hear from you. Please apply and join a long and growing list of successful graduates and SNAME Members.

    Scholarship Applicant Requirements:

    -Open to all graduate student members of SNAME, or another recognized marine society.

    -Society membership required for four (4) months prior to application submission deadline ((i.e. October 1st);

    -Awards are made for one year of study leading to a Master's Degree in naval architecture/marine engineering/ocean engineering.

    Applicants must not receive their Masers Degree prior to April 15th of the academic year for which the scholarship applies.

    -A graduate scholarship for NA/ME/OE will be awarded to an individual only once.
    -Application and all required supporting information, except for letters of reference are to be submitted electronically.

    -The application must be received prior to February 1st with all supporting data by February 15th for Scholarship Committee review.

    -Recipient selection will be in March/April based upon Scholarships Committee recommendations and Executive Committee approval.

    -Scholarship Funds may be used for student tuition, textbooks and academic fees, or other academically related expenses in pursuit of study or research.

    -Special Circumstances will be considered in situations where strict compliance with requirements is not possible.

    Submissions may be mailed to the new SNAME HQ address:
    99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 310
    Alexandria, VA 22314

    Or emailed to Brittany Greer at

    -Deadline to submit applications: Feb 1, 11:59pm ET
    -Deadline for submitting supporting documents: Feb 15,
    11:59pm ET

    Applications must include:
    -Original copy of transcript (front and back copy)
    -Three (3) letters of recommendations (preferably from Faculty Advisors)

    For more details, please see the application.
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    Just a quick note to you Chris to thank you for posting these sorts of things. This one, the job openings, etc. Great idea!

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