smoke from engine block

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by urisvan, Sep 9, 2014.

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    while i was motoring in high RPM with my yanmar2GM i wanted to check the engine as i do regularly. I saw a little smoke and some smell like cable is burning. when i slow down the engine, the smoke stopped coming.
    i came slowly to the harbor and check the oil, the oil looks fine.

    what can be the problem? have i burned the gasket a liitle bit?
  2. Petros
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    check your output shaft, and any belts that run accessories, for interferance or rubbing. sounds like something is perhaps making contact at the higher loads, when the mounts would be stretched to their deflection limits.

    Not likely it is something internal, or it would not still be running. When it is internal, low oil, bad bearings, etc, you do not see smoke until something breaks loose and punches a hole and lets the smoke out. so more likely from an external component or interference.

    how is the alternator? could it be shorting out? a bad ground is perhaps sparking and smoking with higher rpms?
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    Lots of low load , battery charging at anchor can burnish the cylinder bore.

    See if its just blowby , coming out any hole or even the dipstick that is the source of the smoke.
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    I have had v belts burn up, creates a lot of smoke and drama on the boat.

  5. PAR
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    Smell is a very good indicator of what's going on. Did it smell like wiring insulation, rubber on a belt, etc. Then of course inspection, which usually reveals the story. Logical places to look with be anything near the manifolds.
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