Small trimarans under 20'

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Doug Lord, Jun 24, 2012.

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    Thanks, Cholsson. The Fire Arrow is 5'+ LOA X 7' wide. I think that discussing the system used on Fire Arrow first and on larger boats later is a subject of interest for trimarans 20' and under where the advantages are as great or greater than on larger boats. Waynemarlow suggested: " it's still only proven at model size and that whole concept belongs in that model thread until proven at full size." He said that back in 2015 and was probably right then. However, things have changed with the system having been 100% proven beyond a shadow of doubt on multiple fullsize trimarans.
    Anyone considering the design of a small performance trimaran would do well to consider whats been learned with the Fire Arrow Foil System-from the Test Model to Maserati and Gitana 17 and the other Ultims over the last few years.
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    You have rabbited on for near two decades, about your fixated slightly enlarged toys (with their infantile grandiose names) ... but have you produced even a realistic 6 metre size? - zero, nothing, zilch. Not even a tangible failed effort. Which would be to you a credit. Instead the nauseating postings of fantasy continue.
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    exact scale model of the 19.5' X 22' Fire Arrow:
    MPX_Fire Arrow-3D SAILING-7-24-14 009 (4) - Copy - Copy.JPG

    Two decades?! You're way wrong Gary-as usual-started Fire Arrow design and development 2010. I've designed , built and tested a revolutionary trimaran foil system where the mainfoil can generate downforce that is now used by Maserati, Gitana 17, Macif jr and Macif 100 as well as by Banque Pop. I've completed the design of WOLF, a 15 foot trimaran using the Fire Arrow Foil System with automatic , instantaneous, downforce and Two Stage Amas. God willing and the creek don't rise I'll get WOLF built. Your inability to understand and even discuss the foil system is unfortunate....

    MPX Fire Arrow.jpg
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