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    hi all,

    I've been looking for a heavy displacement workboat design about 18' - 24' to selfbuild in steel for some time now, know what I want but can't find it anywhere! If anyone knows of something that might be suitable could you email details to please? Would be much appresiated!

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    What is the intended use?
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    Do you want a chined hull ?
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    Looking for this?
    Originally designed for wooden construction, but can be converted to steel.

    Round-bottomed, carvel-planked powerboat with two berths and a single 300-hp engine.

    LOA - 32'
    LWL - 30' 6"
    Beam - 10' 1"
    Draft - 2' 10"
    Displ. -11,000 lbs.

    Look at woodenboat store:



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  5. UMS Steel Fab.

    Please contact us @561 547 8585 in West Palm Beach , FLA USA
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