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    Anyone knows from where i can buy plans for a nice small outbord pwered ,vee bottom speed boat. Glen-l Tiny might is an example anyone has something like that or knows from where i can buy the plans but the boat must be made for outboard power. Help needed so that plans are found!!
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    If you really like the lines of that design, maybe you would want to modify it yourself for an outboard configuration. It probably wouldn't balance quite as well as the inboard version, but in a small boat such as this where the weight is so variable and shiftable anyway depending on who is in the boat and what gear you have along I think it would be just fine. And it might be a much more fun and rewarding project to modify a design such as this yourself so you have a one-of-a-kind project.

    Edit: I see someone else has also modified it for an outboard: Take a look at
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    Small Vee-Bottom

    Would you be interested in a set of MOLDS? See pics and info at: WWW.SHARKEYMARINE.COM
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