Small Sea Boat Design Wanted

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Capain_HX, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    This is my first post on the list. Its nice to be here. :)

    I' m hoping to built a small boat and i' m looking for designs.

    The ideal boat for me is the one on the following picture.

    I need it to accommodate 2 persons and run on a small engine (10hp) and oars. Its to be used in the sea during the hot summer months.

    Construction material shall be wood and fiberglass.

    Open to suggestions.

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    Everyone designing boats has one of these in their drawer. That one appears to be a dory. Check out and and see what you like. For what it's worth, boats that row well, suck under power and boats that power well, are a bear to row. Also check out the Bolger Diablo as a good place to start.

    This is one with a 9.9 HP on her.


    Another to think about is "Marissa" by Graham Byrnes.

    There are hundreds of designs in this size range, some geared for power like the "Marissa", others capable of both row and power. Look carefully as you can build a boat that you'll hate to use, just as easily as one you'll love. I have a flat bottom skiff design to be very stable and needs modest power to plane off. Because it's not especially wide, she rows okay, though not as well as a real row boat.
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    Some issues back WoodenBoat designs presented Argie by Dudley Dix. Originally intented as a sailing dinghy, but it sounded like it would do quite reasonable job under power and for rowing also.

    Are you looking more for a reasonable sea boat for modest power or a boat that can be powered with a modest engine and also sailed/rowed? Selway-Fisher should have also some plans suitable for you.
  7. Capain_HX
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    Capain_HX New Member

    Many thanks to all for your helpful replies.

    I've done a bit of research and narrowed my options down to the Diablo and the FAO 5.2m fishing boat.

    They both meet my criteria of a small easy to built and cheap to run boat that can be powered by a small outboard.

    The FAO boat seems to be more seaworthy than the Diablo? I think the V hull design adds to stability and seaworthiness?

    The FAO boat is designed for a 4-6hp engine. How good would it handle a bigger 15hp engine? Will the transom need to be reinforced for a bigger engine?

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  9. Capain_HX
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    that is a nice boat
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