Small sail boat - breaking the rules

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by smilicus, Mar 20, 2014.

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    Hello Guys

    I have an idea, but it is not a given that it will be possible.

    I travel a lot for work and love sailing. The areas I travel to has great sailing venues and to trek a trailer behind the car for 500km every time is not possible, especially in and out some of the area I got (not parking for car + trailer)

    I am looking for a boat design that will be car-top-able and ligth enough for one person to handle getting it on and off. I have not yet seen a suitable singlehander you have any ideas??

    Other option is design...

    My thoughts are something in the line of a SUP board shape, but with raised sides to sit on, will this be a possibility?
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    I would guess is there are dozens of boats like this. Have you tried looking??
    What rule are you breaking here??
    There are a couple inflatable cataraman sailboats I've seen that break down into a very small package.
  4. oldfurr
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  7. Petros
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    there are a number of nice folding sailboats made in Russia, it folds up like a folding kayak, but comes with rudder, dagger board and sailing rig.

    It is tough to beat a Lazar for simplicity and good sailing performance, many to be had used for cheap. Sailboards are a good option too, though not quite the same experience as a sailboat, it meets all of your criteria.
  8. peterAustralia
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    notice the 2 small wheels on the transom, I copied that setup for my rowboat, it works great. It does look a bit funny when I am rowing around and people see the back of the boat with an axle and two 8 inch pneumatic wheels on it, however I think it adds character. Wheels are good! They save your back from dragging a heavy boat around.

    my boat - true its rowing only - but u can see a photo of the wheels. Please note I have upgraded from a hollow Al axle to a solid steel rod which I use as an axle. The alum tube sheered off.
  9. oceannavigator2

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  10. smilicus
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    smilicus Junior Member

    Hank you for all the replies and info. The Minuet looks like fun, but maybe a bit to slow for me. Maybe I must give some more info on what I want.

    I am looking for a boat with the following requirements:

    1. Single-hander
    2. Light weigth, so you dont need a dolly, but can carry it.
    3. Single unstayed rig (maybe catboat rig)
    4. 11ft or shorter
    5. Mostly used on inland water and lagoons.
    6. Quick to setup and breakdown.
    7. Transportable on a mid size cars roofrack.

    Any ideas?
  11. Wayne Grabow
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    Wayne Grabow Senior Member

    Kite sailboat

    Not sure how easy they are to find now, but I really enjoyed sailing the cat-rigged Kite sailboat when I lived in southern California. Simple but capable of high performance. Considered a trainer for the Finn class. Dimensions are 5' by 11 1/2' which should be easily cartopable.
  12. Squidly-Diddly
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  13. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    If you can wait until the end of May you might find my new 10ft Duo of interest

    Although I only started promoting the design a couple of weeks ago, I have been amazed by the reaction. It has already been a Wooden Boat Magazine "Boat of the Week", and should be featured in the next issue of Small Craft Advisor

    I bought all the plywood/glass/glue I need for the prototype on Friday, under USD150 in total. The plans are now mostly drawn. I have decided to build a nesting version for myself, even though its a bit more work and weight. That way it will fit in the back of our pickup truck (which has a 6ft bed) instead of on the roof. I suspect, knowing me, that mine will also feature a bowsprit and a little asymmetric....

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs
  14. smilicus
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    smilicus Junior Member

    Hello Richard

    The Duo looks like a nice 10ft dinghy. Any pictures of one build?

  15. smilicus
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    smilicus Junior Member

    I love the truc 12 design, clean lines and simple. Any designs out there that is similar?
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