small outboard prop question

Discussion in 'Props' started by volkswagen50, May 14, 2010.

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    volkswagen50 Junior Member

    On a small outboard motor, say 5-6 hp two stroke, whats the prop speed vs/engine speed? Are they geared down? Are 4 strokes geared different, I'm thinking that four strokes do not rev as high as a two stroke would at max speed.
    What does a small outboard like that turn for rpm??
  2. Jango
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    Jango Senior Enthusiast

    I believe Max Motor speed for both the 2 stroke and 4 stroke is 4500 - 5500 rpm with 2:1 Gearing. i.e. Prop running half speed
  3. capt littlelegs
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    2:1 won't be far out, for example a Yamaha 30 is 1.84:1, the deciding factor is the crownwheel and pinion size in a slim gearbox.

  4. jonr
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    Some of the 4 strokes I've seen rev a little higher than the equivalent two stroke.
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