small, long-range boat design

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by allwet, Jun 5, 2014.

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    You think in the same way I doing Rustybarge, because when we talk about seaworthy small boats or big skiffs is not the same in talking about small ships, is quite different. We agree in the main things.
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    I don't know why a picture of Ratty (blue hull with transom hung rudder) is mixed up with those of a Drascombe Longboat. While she is a 20' open boat built of lapstrake plywood, there the similarities end.
  3. rustybarge
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    rustybarge Cheetah 25' Powercat.

    Whoops, clicked on it by mistake.:D

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    10 hp for 7 knots on that thing, or so they say.
    Maybe a smaller design could hit 5 or 6 knots with 5 hp.

    V twin aluminum air cooled diesel maybe? 22 hp engine running at 5 - 10 hp should last a while, and have reserve power if needed.
    Add a bunch of solar panels and electric trolling motor to use the sun when you can.
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