Small gearbox

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Daan, Sep 7, 2020.

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    I didn't try to look smart. I didn't tell anyone what they "need" to do.

    If you and Gonzo wanted to you could go to Central America, South America, Africa, or SE Asia and diffuse the millions of "floating bombs" that people are driving around there.
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    they do lots of things in those countries that are not allowed in 1st world countries. it would be wrong for professionals on this forum (i am not ) to not advise people to follow safe practice when building boats.
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    Telling someone they are building a bomb is more fear-mongering than advice in my opinion. And "1st world" assumes that the "other countries" are inferior. "Developed" and "developing" is a nicer way to put things. If we are going to be "professionals" let's try to stay PC.
  4. Daan
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    I think I will use your idea instead of the centrifugal clutch. I've seen it around here and there but it didn't come to mind when I was making the plan for the engine so thanks for your suggestion! I have some pulleys and V-belts laying around that came out of old Volvo cars so I will look into those parts if I can find anything usefull.
    I was thinking of making a reverse on the boat because there is not really a way of braking on the water except from reversing. If making a reverse gets to hard I will forget about it.

  5. trip the light fandango
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    I wouldn't worry about reverse, think sailing boats, just turn,. kill the engine early/wind/ tide/factors,.. the through hull fitting/ stuffing box/gland is the bit that can't be avoided [unless you use bluebells approach] and has to be new for piece of mind if you intend to leave the boat in the water at times. A V belt is simple and running at lower revs is a better more relaxed sound. The other slightly tricky part is the bearing that stops the shaft and propeller from winding off into the drink, but that isn't that difficult, it could be done with a collar on the shaft, some delrin and the odd spray of lanolin.
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