Small, Fast Passenger Boat for the Arctic

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Arctic sailor, May 21, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    I live and work in the Arctic, and have recently been toying with some ideas for a boat to fill a niche in the local transportation market.

    Due to certification restrictions, the boat should seat max 12 PAX. In order to accomodate bulky PAX luggage, it should also have sizable stowage, both above and below deck. No need for pax cabins since it would essentially be a daytripper, but pax accomodation area should be roomy enough that it is possible to lie down and get some sleep, e.g. full recliner seats for all pax.

    Due to the almost complete lack of harbors, the boat should be beachable - landing craft style with a bow ramp. The boat should have polar ice class PC 7 or equivalent. Cruise speed should be at least 20 knots, dual engines, and range should be at least 500nm. The boat must be ocean going and able to maintain good speed in moderate seas without causing too much discomfort.

    Hull material would have to be steel or aluminum, of course. Do you think it is possible to have such a boat designed, built and not least operated within reasonable economic limits?
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