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Discussion in 'Software' started by Psycho D, May 7, 2003.

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    i am just getting into boat design and boatbuilding. i would like to build a couple of small boats (11-15 ft), and then we would like to build a 24 and then 31 foot offshore fishing boat. i am still trying to decide on the best design software. i have been looking at Prosurf, but i am keeping my mind open to other programs. We will also be using AutoCad and Pro E (my engineering buddy will be using the latter). So i guess my question is this- which program(s) would be best for our application? PLease let me know if additional info is needed. Thanks as always.
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    Im a graduate of a well known design degree in the UK.
    Here are a few ideas to follow up.
    AutoCad is almost a must. Its the most well know, some would say not the best but is proven time and time again.
    Must of my fellow graduates would say Maxsurf pro or multisurf are best for forming the hull.
    For things like resistance or studying the effect of LCB or Cp change, it is best to write your own spreadsheet in mircosoft excel. The Delf series and stuff. Same goes for data studies etc.
    Basic mast design, structures, FRP stuff can all be started in excel/
    You learn more and get a good understanding of what you are doing and not just putting your luck in a magic box (a program off the shelve l mean). Also its cheap! Read through the old messages on this site. You should find want you need.
    If you really want a challenge, try writing you own VPP. Again look at the old messages on this site. Hope is helps.

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