Small and cheap voyager.

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by J.D.Hogg, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. J.D.Hogg
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    J.D.Hogg Junior Member

    I'm looking to purchase or build a very simple voyaging sailboat with accomodations for two people for under $5000 U.S.. This price does not neccessarily include upfitting, just a working seaworthy hull and rigging. I would also like to be able to single hand it.

    Obviously I can with some hunting, find a fiberglass cruiser/racer at most any marina, but are these capable or safe for ocean passages? They also seem a bugger to modify, and typically have few storage compartments.

    Any thoughts?
  2. dimitarp
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    Hi Higg,
    Do you surch the full plans for small sail boat?
  3. Wellydeckhand

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    The 5000 clams is the price for a custom small boat for 2 person......, or a 60ft stock plan. Building with plan and material in your side of the world may prove daunting for that price.

  4. frosh
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    Cheap voyager?

    The Pacific Islanders were able to cover vast distances in outrigger canoes which cost nil$, but a lot of labour.
    Today we can buy things for money, but that seems too little for a cruising yacht in any condition aesthetically but seaworthy. If you can get one for under $5000, then I would expect it to be unseaworthy and virtually a write-off. You couldn't buy materials alone for that money for anything more than an outrigger canoe and tarpaulin sail and two camp mattresses. :eek:
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    Get a copy of Florida Mariner and you will find many inexpensive small sail boats.
    Boats are 30% to 50% cheaper in FL.

    A FEW are suitable for ocean work "Good old Boat" magazine is elitist , but will have info on WHICH is seaworthy.

    You will probably be able to find a fine boat for under $5000, but as a minimum newer sails and NEW standing rigging may be pricy.

    A $100 GPS will do better navigation than any sextant 7 star fix.

    A kerosene Primus uses the least fuel , 5 gallons every 6-8 months, plan on a SS pressure cooker.

    What you DONT HAVE , doesn't require maint or space.

    A small boat will have a LOT of motion at sea.

    An Aires self sterring will take the helm , so you just watchstand.

  6. nero
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    nero Senior Member

    North Carolina has some good lumber to build boats with. Prices could be low if you go to some small sall mills. Or if you can log the trees and have the lumber sawn. Air drying is free and you can do it yourself. There is a fiberglass mill in South Carolina. A couple of rolls will cost next to nothing.

    It will be difficult but I think you might be able to do it over several years time. look at the cat I posted from K-designs. His plan prices are cheap compared to others. What type of sailing craft you looking for? mono,cat,tri,proa?
  7. lewisboats
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    Check out Buehler's Hagar design. It is a proven ocean goer and live aboard. It has cruised back and forth from the west coast to Hawaii.

    Read his book: Backyard Boat Building.
  8. Milan
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    Milan Senior Member

  9. Seafarer24
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    Seafarer24 Sunset Chaser

    View the pocket cruisers thread and check out the Amigo 22 from Glen-L designs.

    My 1974 Seafarer 24 can cruise two and is a seaworthy craft. I've found them in FL from 3-5k, and most of them are ready to go sailing, if not cruising.

    Look into the "Cape Horn" self-steering system.

    Boat prices in FL are much cheaper than elsewhere. Just be very careful that what you buy hasn't been beaten around by too many hurricanes.
  10. J.D.Hogg
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    J.D.Hogg Junior Member

    Where should I search exactly, I'm new here.

    $5000 May be a little low, but FAST FRED has, I think, picked up on what I'm trying to do. I'll not be living aboard, but traveling for a couple years, circumnavigate, then.. who knows. I forsee a lot of "sweat equity", clever (read cheap) design and scrounging ahead. Fortunately I'm pretty handy with wood and metal. Unfortunately rigging is something I know little about as I have never sailed and am pretty much landlocked up in the mountains for now.

    I'll try and narrow it down some. Monohull, simple rig, plank or strip construction, I would prefer something that would permit me up the James and into the canals of europe, wishfull thinking for a seawothy boat probably, but I assume this means a unsteppable/folding mast and a pretty shallow draft for the canals (Possible?).

    I've seen some traditional dutch boats on the net in the past but cannot find anything now. I'm not refering to barges but they had similar influences. Vaguely I recall one was double ended, round bottomed, with that, forgive me for not knowing the term, board above the deck that slants inward as seen on almost all dutch boats. I think one was built and sailed by a group of young men who were teaching or learning through experience.

    Milan: interesting links THX.
  11. Wellydeckhand

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  12. J.D.Hogg
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    J.D.Hogg Junior Member

    Yes, those are nice designs. Very little information though. I guess he want's to sell those study plans.
  13. Wellydeckhand

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    You want to build a russian free plan sail yacht? Check the forum directory. K800 something by that name..............

  14. J.D.Hogg
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    J.D.Hogg Junior Member

  15. Wellydeckhand

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    look like a spray.................... :)
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