Slocum`s Spray

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Elmo, Dec 19, 2009.

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    It does not make sense, but such is life.

    If anyone wishes to try it, go get any of the Roberts Sprays, put it up against any of the same stlye older designs, and see for yourself. They have trouble getting 100 deg tacks costs no more to build a good design than it does a crap design.

    The comment about pleanty of cheap boats around is a very valid one too, no way a new boat can be built for the costs of some of the current bargains out there. I feel that there will be more to come too when the USA really understands where it has placed itself financially.....
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    Truly I do not see the interest of building a Spray replica. It's a design more than old (when Slocum rebuilt the Spray, this boat was already a very old boat), it's truly archeology...It's a loss of money and time. It's not even cheap.
    I want to stay polite, I'll say nothing about B.Roberts and consorts...
    I've seen such progress in Naval Architecture (I don't talk about floating condos for mass market made in frozen cod -ie mat and polyester-) that I do not see any interest to build an old design replica, and to spend one buck on that.
    Would you build a Fokker 1917? a 1911 Ford T? no, for sure. Aviation and cars had made some progress. I wouldn't build even a Piper Cub replica, when you can build a Banbi (220kg, 2 places, Rotax 80HP, 305 kmh max speed, 240 kmh (150 mph) cruising speed burning 12 L/h- a bit more than 3 gallons per hour of ordinary gas...that's efficiency-) for the same price, and the same STOL qualities...
    Aesthetics? it's rather easy to design a modern yacht with a traditional look interpretation. In cars, look at the Mini Cooper made now, reminds the old Mini Cooper of the 60's (which was a piece of junk, my mom had one...) without the prohibitive defects.
    As I do not want to die totally stupid, may someone be kind enough to explain to me the rage of those old yachts designed 40-50-60 and more years ago?
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    There is a very strong motivation to recapture the magic one encounters in their youth - and if not your own magic, then the glory days of someone else. Romantic notions like this are often enjoyed more in the journey back than the arrival at the destination.

    I can imagine the romantic attraction of duplicating Slocum's adventures, but can also see through the rosy fog and recognize the surplus of misery as well.

    I sail a singlehanded fire-breathing trapeze asymmetrical skiff that in turns makes me laugh with joy and often scares the bejesus out of me. I'm rebuilding an ancient Snipe for gentle sailing with the family.

  4. dskira

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    The million plans was a "cartoonesque" figure.
    I saw very few built, a lot half built for sale.
    Selling a lot of crap is not a showing success, it shaw like a televanlgelist a good marketing what ever is the product God or boat. Robert can sell toilet paper or God, he will succed.
    It clarified my thought?
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    Take your fight outside and stop hijacking the thread.
  6. dskira

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    You have absolutly no right to say that. I am defending the Spray as a boat and taking shot at people who pretend to ameliorate it.
    Cool off, and leave me alone.
    You are hijaking the thread with your impolite and unfair comment.
    And you even didn't start it, Elmo did. So what is your concern? Police syndrome?
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    Many thanks Bill. That confirms what I was thinking; nostalgia, romanticism, some would call that "past-ism". Myself I owned with some colleagues naval officers a 30 sq meter Skerry Cruiser, a thin, long, low, rather slow, high heeling and very wet Scandinavian sailboat,very fun to sail. But...we put only a few bucks and spare time each. Less expensive than alcohol in any disco.
    I built a 16 feet monodromic proa, a little beach thing for pure fun. Happily for my sailing reputation, I showed this proa only when I was able to master (too great word) it. I do love monodromic proas, even a 5 knots wind sailing can become an exhilarating adventure. But...I haven't spent years of income and years of work on.
    That's the problem with these yachts: an enormous investment of money and work pursuing a dream for often a very deceiving result.
    No resale value, unless you made a carpentry jewel, a model of craftsmanship: you won't even resale it at its true value. Not very good sailing abilities, not very secure in bad weather. Often to much draft for being practical in tropical sailing and not very habitable. Asking almost always a continuous maintenance.
    None advantage apart being pretty. That remembers me someone who marries a girl because she looks like a pre-raphaelite picture. Not funny, not generous, not good in bed, not good cooker, even very bad temper eight days a month...would you marry her because she reminds you a picture or some good old days?
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    I do not know if I was dreaming or awake.
    God appears to me, He even talks to me.
    He said: Ilan, you have been a good guy all your life, so make a wish and I'll realize it for you.
    -Yes, my God, I have a crazy desire; I want to drive my old Nissan from San Francisco to Honolulu on a beautiful bridge.
    -Look Ilan, That makes a lot of difficulties with the permits, I'll waste a lot of time with the bureaucracy. Have you another wish?
    -Yes, my God. I want to understand why Roberts sold so many plans. What is his secret?
    -Ilan, you're impossible. How many lanes do you want on the bridge?
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    Ilan, you so funny.
    I love it :)
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    So direct there Gonzo, well said. - I hope you detected my sarcasm in my response, Diks...ra didnt. Its no use fighting the bogan, you just have to smile and wave, smile and wave ......
  11. dskira

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    I detect Dr watson, I detect do not worry I smile and wave:p
    As for Gonzo, the "well said" I don't detect, or I detect, but no need to elaborate, but I smile and wave. He don't
    Fighting the bogans means to have a fight, I don't see one here. But I detect, I detect.
    And I smile and wave, smile and wave.
    Good night Doctor Watson, I smile and wave thinking of you sailing away on a Spray, enjoying like Slocum the beauty of the sea, the reception by the beautiful girls on the far island, waving at you coming in your proud ship, the Spray.:)
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    Look at the situation in a democratic view - how many here are enemies and how many are friends - count the votes and enforce your democratic right. That will piss off the negatives vibes

    To stay on topic; my first boat built ever in steel was a BR Spray 40ft and not one of my proudest achievements. It is ugly and a far cry from the original spray. I had said it before and others had echo my views here - Roberts is a much better salesman than designer.
    The brightest stars in his portfolio are plans bought out from other designers, for example; the Tom Thumb 24 was designed by Canadian Grahame Shannon and in the late 80's I had bought the plans directly from him for the TT24's I produced at the time...
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    How did that Spray sail? But does it really get close to Slocum's Spray design?
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    How do you care about the Spray. I think you never study one in your life and you are not knowing much about this beautiful boat.

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    Having sailed designs ranging from Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter replica trough International Dragon rebuilt to cruiser through IOR boats trough "IOR free" designs from '90 to Harmony 38 from '06 I could see the points of attraction.

    In most cases 40-60 year old GOOD designs are much softer on crew as modern ones. For so long you not look for superior speed, that is. Interiors are often than not designed for life at sea, not in the harbor, what make sailing them so much more pleasant.

    Also there is certain beauty in lack "rationality", often so dominant in present-day designs.

    This is even before mentioning of their quite "archetypal" looks -something starts to move in your heart, when you see one! ;)
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