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    Corasco Kit

    Finally, after planning and hoping for ten years, I have "designed" and am building a 30' "modern" Thames River Slipper Launch based upon my observations while walking the length of the Thames River, many, many photos, and a fabulous silhouette drawing of a Slipper by a Welsh Naval Architect, Glynn Lancaster-Jones, a copy of which which I bought for my personal use. I hired a US Naval Architect to do the engineering and the CAD drawings for my modified design which were then used to drive the CNC machine to cut the frames out of BS1088 Meranti 18 mm plywood. The topsides are two layers of BS 1088 1/4" while the bottom is one layer of 1/2" and one layer of 1/4" BS 1088 Meranti, all epoxy coated and glued, then assembled with Raptor staples and nails. The hull has been primed and flipped and we are now beginning the decking and interior construction.

    My slipper, the "Becky Jane," will be driven by an ELCO EP-20, 72 volt electric motor, powered by three 24 volt, lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. Going to lithium-iron-phosphate from lead-acid saved about 650 pounds of dead weight, but added more then the equivalent in dollars!! That said, the technology of the lithium-iron-phosphate should pay off over the remaining life of the captain (me).

    This is my attempt to recapture the 1930's style and aesthetic, while using modern methods and materials of construction, to create a boat which is structurally sound enough for cruising on the Mississippi River, which will not leak or require soaking up, and which will last a lifetime (mine) without maintenance other than routine cleaning. The lines of my Slipper are much closer to those of 1930's Meakes, with a plumb stem and a long, gracefully sloping sheer, and do not in any way resemble the stitch and glue, more "modern" interpretations.

    I have an agreement with my US Naval Architect which allows me to sell another 48 hulls to interested parties, while giving him a small royalty design fee. For those who wish to change or customize the design, he will accommodate your requirements. I will also reimburse the Welsh Naval Architect for his original line drawing for each additional Slipper I sell. After selling hull number 49, the entire design and all rights to it are mine.

    If you wish to see images of the design, please email me at You can also see the progress of my Hull #1 construction on Instagram at St Paul Slipper Launch, my design and marketing company for the St Paul Slipper Launch project.

    Thank you.

    Kit Richardson
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    Welcome back Kit - you are certainly on a mission, that's for sure, especially as it is 10 years since you first mooted your thoughts on here re Slippers -
    slipper launch
    And I see that you are embracing modern methods now, rather than traditional.

    Your Slipper 'Becky Jane' sounds very impressive. I tried to log into Instagram, but it was not co-operative - would it be possible for you to post a few photos of your progress on here please?
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    Corasco Kit

    I will try to do that but cannot promise it will work. I think I have attached a few images; two of the design (computer drawn) and two progress photos.

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