Sliding Paddle Propulsor (SPP)

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    A couple of years ago we have carried out a “theoretical and experimental study of a SPP device” a patented design of marine propulsor inspired from paddle wheel system. You can see the summary of this study in the link below.

    this particular design is intended to improving feathering and immersion which are cited as shortcomings of the classic paddlewheel device (J.S.Carlton). with regard to our study, we have tried the complete immersion of this wheel which is obviously effective with more driving torque.

    I am willing to go further in research, with arranging a twin SPPs in horizontal position and opposit turning, as below a flat hull boat. You can check that steering can be performed with just rotation the central camshaft. Advice and suggestions are welcome


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    Sorry to rain on your parade, but this proposal has the drawback of very high friction losses due to great friction areas operating with proportionally high speed, compared to the propelling surfaces. The friction torque is proportional to diameter^5 and rpm^2, so having a propulsor with great amounts of wetted, "non-active" surfaces is a real killer. Don't waste effort on it, unless you can figure out how to make only the paddles wetted.
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