Sliding Hatch / Sunroof construction

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Mat-C, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Mat-C
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    Mat-C Senior Member

    Sliding hatches or 'sinroofs' are are all the rage these days in even the smallest of hardtops powerboats. Can anyone point me towards some construction detail of a typical one? Thanks
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    Most any book on wooden boats will show a good style sliding hatch, for lifting hatches the Maurice Griffiths double coaming is very leak prof and not hard to build.

    With a BIG hatch the scantlings will need to be very robust. 2 or more folks may stand on it at the same time.

    We have gotten 3/4 lexan from bus side window takeouts that were slightly scratched, at great prices.

  3. Mat-C
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    Mat-C Senior Member

    Thanks Fred, yes I have a number of books that detail typical, raised profile, sliding companionway hatches, but none that quite fit what I'm looking for: more of a large (preferably flush, but not absolutley necessary), 'sunroof' like those seen on the hardtop sports cruisers around these days - particularly the European boats. I know they range from the very elaborate multi-panel electric jobbies, to the quite simple hand operated ones... it's the latter that I'm looking for.
    Taylor, Webasto and a few others have them commercially available, but not really in the sizes that I was thinking of.....
    As always, any help greatly appreciated....

  4. 18htan
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    18htan New Member

    I know, I am digging up an old thread.

    But this is something I am seriously interested in.

    Currently looking for some ideas on how to build a sunroof for my timber boat.
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