Slickcraft SS240 hardtop

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by BillCherylTaylr, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. BillCherylTaylr
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    BillCherylTaylr New Member wife and i have purchased a 1979 SS240 hardtop approx. 2 months ago.We did not realize how hard parts were to come by.As we understand slickcraft did not put this boat in production and only approx. between 5 and8 of these were built.Someone had told me there was not such a thing but i have the boat and serial #s and still the factory vin plate on the boat.It is a cuddy and has the composite type flooring.I am in the process of painting and recovering the interior.also we have been able to save all the wood trim.I did change outside colors on the boat before i was told it maybe a limited number of these built.Will this hurt the value any and how much.The hull and transom were in excellant shape with no major flaws just a few scrapes here and there.I have a body shop and have done body repairs for 25 years so its not such a big deal.If anyone has any information on these please let me know what i have and if the production #s are right.Thanks very much for your time Bill&CherylTaylor.
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    On a boat of that age, any repair will only increase the value. However, it will not increase it by as much as you will invest. It is not a collectible, so it doesn't make any difference if it is original or not. What parts are you having problems finding? Boats are not like cars where you can buy body parts and interiors.
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    I'm not sure I'm in the right spot, but I have just "inherited" a pre-1969
    16' SlickCraft and I'm anxious to outfit it with the most efficient motor. The people who did the mechanical installation were reluctant to put more than a 20hp Evinrude on it. Obviously it doesn't go very quickly with such an engine. While I'm not interested in setting speed records, a little faster might be nice. Does anyone have any suggestions for determining the correct hp rating?
  4. DangerDan
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    Well Bill I know of 2 of the 5 to 8 that were produced by Slickcraft right here in my own area so I would venture to guess there are more of these around that you may have thought. On the other hand. I have in my life only seen two SS240 HT's so who's to say.:D

    Parts are not that easy to come by but I have been searching and finding my share as needed. Trial and error a never ending search. break it fix it break it fix it. To be honest thats one of the reasons I joined this site, PARTS!!
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    73 Slickcraft for sale - superb condition, North Carolina

    Have 1973 Slickcraft on trailer that has been meticulously maintained. If you love the Slickcraft, this is the boat to see.

  6. ralph konchar
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    ss235 steering

    enioying nice day on the lake when bang o/d locked up and broke my ball steering cable.looking for one,new or used.any suggestions as where to look?
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