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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Quidnic, Jul 25, 2022.

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    I need a sleeping pod that I can put in the back of my truck, placed on the ground or placed in any vacant building. It needs to be at least six feet long. I would prefer about six feet six inches. It has to float and be able to be paddled or sailed.

    Just about anything that I could build out of plywood, not too heavy by the time it is fully loaded with sleeping stuff.

    Matts Laydens smallest craft with chine runners that could have removable wheels is the sort of sleeping pod I’m after.

    has there ever been any other designs like this?

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    I'm gonna make a one man microboat/car roof box w/Shapple icesled

    Too bad this sled isn't about another 18" longer or it could also serve as "sleeper". Figure currently at 66" but has lips on gunnels and and curved angled bow. But....looks like its fully straight for a few feet between the bow and stern and also fully stack-able and at $129 apiece I might just buy two and cut them and join them to make a longer one, using some of the cut section to splice the two. Probably involve a bunch of pop-rivets and Sikaflex or other glue, and if it wants a few sticks of wood for additional re-enforcement on interior or exterior that wouldn't be a deal breaker and would become a handing mounting point for oar-locks and wheel axles. Yeah, I was thinking of adding some wheels to make a handy XXXL bin for use around construction sites or great outdoors in general, and because it only "snows" about 1/2" about every 20yrs here in SF Bay Area. Not sure what type of wheels/tires/axle arrangement. Default would be straight 5/8" axles riding on sleds optional rub strakes and garden cart wheels.

    I do like your overall concept and I'm amazed such a craft isn't a staple DIY design from Popular Mechanics etc since the dawn of the pickup truck.

    On completely different note but sorta addressing the same issue, how about a do-it-all inflatable survival lifeboat-tent-airmattress-solar still unit? I would be an air-mattress with integrated inflatable (insulated) tent with built in solar still and desert dew collector thingy. Like inflatable life boats I guess it would have some ballast bags for safety in rough water but also to collect urine or other undrinkable water source to process with solar still. Give it lite NBC-warfare capability such as positive-pressure from either internal scuba tank or external hose.
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    At that length, I think you really need a barge hull. Something like the Puddle Duck Racer (Puddle Duck Racer - Easiest Sailboat to Build and Race, only shortened or scaled down. There are versions with cabins. For your purposes, an enclosed boat with a hatch to stick your head or body out would probably be better. Put a steel strip on each side next to the chine, so that you don't scratch up the bottom on the building sites, carry four wedges if you don't want to rock on hard, flat ground.
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    Look up "Gorfnik". It is a 4' x 8' puddle duck racer design with a hatch and small cabin. Plenty of room inside to sleep, with an 8' x 4' base. You could make the cabin area more simply than in the plans.
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