Sleaves for broken alum. mast

Discussion in 'Materials' started by jbassion, Feb 22, 2006.

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    Sleeves for broken alum. mast

    I need a contact for someone who makes sleeves for spars. I heard of a company in North Carolina, but I can't locate a name.

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  2. Robert Gainer
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  3. PAR
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    Jerry, you didn't call me for this? Have you tried:

    Hornes Marine (St. Pete) 727/896-1032
    Florida Rigging 561/863-7444
    Hood (Tampa) 813/885-2181
    Marine Warehouse (Miami) 888/732-2676
    Nance & Underwood Rigging (Ft. Lauderdale) 800/328-9782
    Dwyer Mast 203/484-0419
    MarQuipt (Pompano) 954/957-8333
    Sail One-Design (Miami) 305/792-7577
    True North (Daytona) 386/253-6322
  4. jbassion
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    jbassion Semi-Pro

    Hay Par

    No I'll save that for the critical stuff.

    I know the guys at Nance & Underwood. Very nice and informative, but very expensive if they do the work. Nance said he wished he could afford to work on "small" boats like my 38. They rig the mega boats for corporate money, but they can get the sleave for me. From time to time I go by there on saturday mornings to chat. He comes in to feed his cats. (I saw a turnbuckle at their shop that was 8' tall !). He is going to build the new stays, but I have to mount them myself.
  5. doug mcnamara
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    Hi Jerry, If you are still online, can you offer me direction on where you found sleeves? Many Thanks, Doug

  6. KnockedDown
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    Older post but... Sparcraft in Charlotte may be who you're thinking of
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