Skiff bottom, planing hull, Okume plywood???

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Carlito's, Sep 15, 2005.

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    Has anybody know the specs of a skiff 18 hull. Im looking the specs of the bottom, the wet area to scale it to a more bigger boat project. Or if know a source (web, book etc..) were i can get technical infomation about planing hulls.

    The next project Im thinking of it's a 24 footer skiff but instead of use all the wood that is use to get it to the 12 foots of beam, make it 6 foots beam "same as bottom" and use aluminum wings, until get to at least 13 feets wide. I know there is a lot weight saving there. What im looking into is the dificult lever to mantain the boat stable.

    Also analizing the okume marine playwood.

    Has anybody work with it?

    Does it is as good as it sound?

    If with pine marine plywood I use 1/4 for everything (shines, guirders, planks) can I reduce to 3/16 with Okume and keep the same strengh.

    And if I use 10 oz. fiber glass cloth what would be it's equivalent for Kevlar or for s-glass to keep same strength.

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