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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by aussiebushman, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Frosty

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    A big long block with 6 holes in it would have given a clue. A little confused to why you need to go to the internet to see if it is a v6 or straight. You said the bore was not damaged from the broken ring so you must have seen the block. Which cylinder was it any way?

    So this motor will have a distributor with all the cranks an pulleys of advance, --6 single carbs, your going to have fun, this is baby stuff.

    Did you get covers with it, it should say 150 HP on that. If the block is black its Merc --if its grey its Mariner same difference.

    1975 crikey had they landed on the moon then.

    Who said you can hone a cylinder and put over size---bull .

    You can re bore 6 cylinders and fit oversize.
  2. tunnels

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    Sitting thinking ,inline 6 ,with 25inch wow thats tall!!! if you use a 400mm bracket and when everything is in place you may not even come close to needing a motor well !it could be high enough to simply lay over the aft deck maybe !!!
    If you draw it out all full size like i said you will see what you got !!
    They are nice old motors and a reall head turner !!! :p
    should have a distributor yes ?? :eek:
  3. whitepointer23

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    who did say that. you really need to read the posts properly before you comment.
  4. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    you have information from two posts hone and over size were not in the same sentance !!
    Take a pill and lay down for a while old fella !! :eek:
  5. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Correct --apology.

    But you would not do just one,---I wouldnt.
  6. whitepointer23

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    totally agree frosty, as tunnels said give it a full rebuild and it will be good for years.
  7. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    and treat it with the respect i deserves and you will be rewarded ! and have admirers standing in line wanting to see the boat and motor . those big black motors were intimidating and the 25 inch even more so !!
    where i live in nz i have a long channel to go up !Guys coming up the channel on the way home go scooting past so then i wait for a couple of minutes and down with the lever and catch them up then you can see there hand pushing and hoping to get another couple of knots ,so just push the lever down and jump the wake and zoom past and get a little way ahead and slow down and watch the faces all looking to see what you have on the back and chatting amongst them selves .
    My 115 can make my boat jump out of a hole just like a jetski and if you get the trim right it will sit high at the front and ride on its tail and thats a reall thrill !!. :D:p:p
  8. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Imagine a 225 with a 19p on a 17 foot open boat.

    19 for bare foot and 21 for slalom.

    Nothing in it but a seat and a ski pole. It would leave the water never mind about getting out of a hole.

    That was my ski boat looong time ago.


    And the makers plaque said MAX HP 85 some builders just don't know anything. Like the crane builder with a 100ton crane, insurance for 75tons,-- and the driver is told 50 tons so he only goes 25.
  9. aussiebushman
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    Glad you guys approve. I was half expecting to get flak for buying something that old. Frosty - you obviously did not read where I said I had not seen the motor in person - only the description. I do not collect it until next week.

    I shall take my time and rebuild it with care. For interest, I did the same with my 1974 Range Rover by taking bits from a wrecked 78 model, refurbishing them and grafting them onto mine. Several later models have failed where that one still keeps going. The old one will go anywhere. Once I drove it over the Kowmung river while Jeeps and even Toyotas could not make it. It is also the vehicle I used to tow out the trimaran from the farm, over a mountain track.



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  10. tunnels

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    Its next week and we all here !!

    dont worry about frosty he falls off his perch now and then and have to give him time to climb back on again .

    So here we all are gathered and waiting for the next installment !! boat and motor and lots a pictures !!!!:confused:
  11. aussiebushman
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    aussiebushman Innovator

    Thanks Tunnels - I tend to get a bit crabby with 'naysayers" but all is forgiven.

    Picked up the hull on Saturday - bloody heavy and looks like a highly professional glass layup. Winched it onto the trailer after removing some of the side rollers. (Why does it always rain when doing these jobs?) The hull is in great condition so no regrets. Will take heaps of pictures of the hull and put the dimensions into Freeship (if I can work out how to use it) to get feedback from you guys.

    Yesterday I collected the 150 HP Merc. all parts seeming in good condition - the cowl even has the insulation intact. Delightful young family where the guy has his hands full remodelling the house, a V12 Jaguar and an MG, hence the sale.

    Regards and thanks to all (even Frosty)

  12. tunnels

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    Heavy hull you wont regreat the 150 hp motor . you are in control of the throttle lever and its so good just for the hell of it to open it out once in a while .
    The boat must have a wide apart stringers so you should get a good sized tank in there but i wouldnt fix it down to you get the motor on and its in the water . so you can use the fuel weight to help trim the boat at rest and under way . Dont know what you fuel quality id like where you are but id look at a good fuel system . and increase the fuel line size . nothing worse than a motor starving for fuel at high speed . theres some good filters with elements and glass bowls and a drain tap at the bottom i mounted mine in the side of my oil tank bracket that in turn is mounted on the transom in plain sight and easy seem . fuel one side electrics the other so the two never meet !!all up off the floor and never gets wet even if there water sloshing about . Lots of fun and i am so glad you got some good stuff to potter with !!!

    I have a nice cruising speed in my boat at about 3500 rpms close to . boat rides well can cover a lot of ground dosent thump but splits the waves and trimmed the water goes straight out the side and is left behind .
    Your merc is a older motor so must be premixed with oil ??
    My yamaha is injected oil and it only puffs a little smoke if its been sitting over night trimmed up ! At 100 to 1 it hardly uses anything one thing i am a stickler for is using the right oil . i keep a spare 5 litre container in the boat at all times . i fill my own tanks and if the boats not being used of a month of more the fuel goes in the car . i never leave any fuel in any of my tanks . That way its always fresh and with a water separater and fuel element before it gets any where near the motor ,no fuel problems .all the fuel lines are clip on and off so in the event of a cut, squashed ,or blocked hose its just unplug and bypass and replug in again and away !
    My battery capacity is much bigger than is required and i have a isolating switch at the battery end so when im fishing and have others in the boat its off ,just incase some one fools about with any of the switchs and leaves something on .when im by myself i dont bother . To keep my battery up and used when in not using the boat i piggy backed it with my car battery that was used every day .Cautous you say !! i sure am !! had one boat that was a terror and i dicovered the 3 idle screws use to work loose ,going it was good ,starting impossible .myold omc 70 i had problems with the main loom to motor plug and used to drive me up the wall !Used to go fishing with a guy always had fuel problems !! not me !! Last time i was home one flick of the switch and i fired up instantly after sitting in a barn for a year .

    The V12 was a XJ jag ??
    what about the MG what was that ??
  13. Frosty

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    Yes a V 12 Jaguar is normally a Jag.
  14. aussiebushman
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    The Jag was an XJS with some very impressive refurb work on the body to remove some rust. The guy did a great job - could not see the repair. The MG was a Sprite, so far in original nick.

  15. Frosty

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    How do you know he had repaired it then.
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