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    I provide Google SketchUp 3D models (Renderings) for a charge of $20
    per hour. I have a small studio but we are proficient in most of the
    CAD and visualization software.
    My website is available at
    I have listed below all other services that I provide:
    1) Google Sketchup: $20 per hour
    2) AutoCAD : $15 per hour

    I can accept payments through:
    1. Paypal
    2. Wire transfer
    3. Bank transfer
    4. Credit card transfer
    5. Western Union
    6. Money gram
    7. Google Checkout
    I always provide the final quote before starting the work.
    I can provide quotes based on your hand-drawn drawings or CAD
    drawings or pdfs or jpegs.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me. I request to mail me directly
    on my email at
    Pritam Faldesai
    Imagine Studio-3DModelers
    Phone: +91 9911086200
    Skype ID: pritam.faldesai
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    Please post only once.
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    I appreciate your enthusiasm Pritam, but cross-posting (starting the exact same topic/thread in multiple forums) is seen as spam; further, any discussion would become fractured between multiple starts. Therefore, duplicate posts are removed.

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