Skelaton, no boat, canting foil boat - 1 sailor - Fastest , Long distance

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mustafaumu sarac, Oct 22, 2018.

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    These guys did it. It took tons of research and lots of cash.
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    Thanks , I think skeleton is not a good idea , it can be transformed in to one lenght long aluminum tube , one sail and one t foil. Its not logical to sailing , each time get help from two speed boat.
    I think floatation can be done with few hydrodynamic floation tubes , even with 100 liters of total , coca cola bottles.

    As long as I am single person, I dont need to carry another 100 kilograms.

    Boat might be catamaran with long 2 tubes and few outward crossing tubes connects each hull.

    50+50 liters cola bottles for each

    t foil might be easy to make and it might be s schlag profile - flat panels and stealth aircraft or boomerang airfoil -

    these profiles does not want to come off from the water , you dont need mechanism , you dont need to scare from max speed.

    now , is there a paper or thesis to design t foil and all other forces ???????????

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    BlueBell Ahhhhh...

    My God you are persistent, you must really want to get out!

    Sure, it could work.
    Build your skeleton on top of two rows of plastic bottles.

    What's your total weight?

    You only get 1 kg of buoyancy per 1 litre bottle...
    And you need more buoyancy in one pontoon than your total weight!
    1.2x or more, in each pontoon!
    Tubes would be better.
    They can be square in cross-section, they don't have to be round.

    What will you make the skeleton out of?

    Yes you can make hydrofoils.
    Wood, foam, epoxy, aluminum, what have you got?
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    BlueBell Ahhhhh...

    Okay, so you have aluminum, polyester (fiberglas), rebar, and truck tarps.
    Wood frames can work for the pontoon frames but aluminum would be lighter ($$$).
    Sealing the tarps around the pontoons will be critical.

    Shaping thin plywood with a grinder may be the easiest way to make your T-foils.
    Mostly flat on the bottom, more curved on top.
    Fiberglas will seal and strengthen the thin foils.

    Can you get: reviews: Hydrofoils: Design, Build, Fly
    I think you would find it most helpful.
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    Good heavens. Building foils under cola bottles is really foolish.

    The first problem is the hull won't have any integrity.

    The second problem is foils are made super small with high tech materials.

    I am building a massive foam boat using modern materials and wouldn't try building foils.

    The likelihood here is that such an attempt as a pop bottle foiler will fail and the man will end up drowning.

    I don't want to be a dream crusher; a realist, though.
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    I want to keep the integrity of construction by using motorbike chassis steel tube.


    above is the construction layout , t is steel tube


    above is t foil profile.

    s schlag , flat panel profile or boomerang or stealth aircraft or australian moth profile

    I think 2 liters coca cola bottles , as you said few rows can be good.

    I will find the book.

    I am 80 kilograms.

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    I think I must be mad to design a steel boat.
    Moth and an body which can be encapsulates me from elements is the best.
    I found egypt and nile river is so interesting like venice.
    Venice is expensive even with my two retirement pensions.
    I downloaded national geographic maps of egypt and nile up to gisa is so beatiful.
    And I can foil at danube river from romania up to god knows where.
    boat can be go full speed at daylight and at night time , it would be a normal boat.
    I think I might foil with lowest speed , I am not an cat on boat.
    If the boat is very narrow and sail is big , I would not even need a foil also
    yes , I am thinking loud , boat must be a boat without foils.
    At winter time , heat is low and going to africa is more manegable.
    I can put a sleeping bag like room and costs would be lower.

    1000 kilometers distance , if I can manage 3 miles per hour , in 2 weeks time , I am at egypt.
    At the entrance of nile , there are many huge lake systems. It would be excellent to visit this place.
    I found few books on danube and it is so beatiful also. Danube is 4 days distance from me and it would be great to enter this river.
    Some small rivers flowing to danube and they are extremelly full with natural beauty.
    But europe is cold and expensive. I think I can stay at egypt easily.
    Challenge can be go to egypt to spain.It would be take one winter to cross the distance slowly.
    South med is full with fish and I can hunt .
    I think carrying 20 liters of lemon juice is enough to cook cold the fishes I catch.
    I think at nights , build a camp at sea side and burn few small wood pieces and cook your fish.
    let me eat something , I will write more.

    thanks for reading and your friendship,

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    BlueBell Ahhhhh...

    What is your total weight, sailing.
    No foils, please.
    Making a sailing catamaran out of tubes and aluminum frame wrapped in sealed tarps is challenging enough.
    I'm thinking 200kg - 250kg total.
    10 meters long, 5 m wide.
    Skinny hulls though, 35cm at the waterline.

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    Sorry, but it's apparent that you just have no concept of the way foilers work. The designers of conventional boats are not stupid - if they could make a boat "faster than %99 of boats" with steel and coke bottles, they would have done something like it.

    Foilers that work are light, with extremely efficient foils and very efficient sails. Cheap sails won't work because the aerodynamic drag is too high. Even engineers who are experts at building high performance racing boats have given up on building their own Moth foils in carbon, because they don't work properly. Even the foiling Laser, which is a proportionately lighter and more efficient craft than the one you are talking about, takes quite a bit of wind to foil and cannot foil upwind.

    Even without foils, if you build a narrow boat with big sails it will basically fall over. Again, why would you think that the owners and designers of most current boats are idiots who can't design boats properly? There's good reasons they don't just make narrow boats with big sails!

    To be honest it appears that you are trolling.
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