size of boat to get anywhere

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Hornblower, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Just because a girl owns a bar doesn't mean she's a lesbian . . .
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    No, just adding to the list of attributes that may make a wish for a bar owning nympho somewhat less desirable than the thought behind it.....
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    From Huddersfield Canal Society:

    The official maximum dimensions for the Huddersfield Narrow Canal are:
    length 70' 0" (21.3m), beam 6' 10" (2m), headroom 6' 2" (1.8m), draught 3' 6" (1m).
    Craft with a beam over 6' 10", such as some historic boats, have experienced difficulty getting through locks in Uppermill and in the Marsden flight.'

    Frankly, knowing how frequently water levels are not maintained, along with the various items which find their way into canals (traditionally bicycles and shopping trolleys) I would think that the smaller the draft you can get away with, the better.
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  6. Lister

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    How much you are willing to spend and have it in hand?
    This is the only consideration for a start.
    The rest is easy.
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    Don't forget, masts can be lowered, and centreboards raised, and you still get the advantage of free wind.

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    The only houseboat I ever saw go anywhere was a triple-decker home-made aluminum cat that sat like a space-ship about 50 ft and sported twin 350 outboards.

    Planned in the length of the hull, So it was kept light on her toes,

    Each waterway has its own challenges and dangers, be nice and learn from everyone you meet. They will help you find your new home, and teach you how to enjoy it, whatever it may be.
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