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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by HurtoiAlexandru, Jan 1, 2016.

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    I want to build my own sailboat.
    In my search for boat plans i came across www.*************** that promeses to have over 500 boat plans.
    Up to this point all the reviews that i've managed to find look to me as being set up and force me to believe that the website is a scam.
    Can anyone advise on the usage of this website?
    Any alternative sites for sailboat plans would be also appreciated. The size of boat that i want to build is not yet clear to me. Cost of berthing, storage, my one building skills and many other factors to consider before finding the perfect boat for me. I will probably start with a small one, 5-6 m (already have the plans for a P590, easy to follow but not so easy for my friends that have no boat building experience and will have to start the project without me)

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    Welcome to the forum.

    MyBoatPlans is a scam. The plans being sold are all public domain, from long dead designers. All of these plans are available for free through other sources. Even worse, is the site owner has "modified" some of them, yet clearly hasn't the skill or expertise to do so, with a reasonable level of confidence, that you might desire, when in one of his "creations" farther from shore, than you can swim back too. Adding more injury to the uninformed, he's also selling a pirated copy of FreeShip, marketing it as his own yacht design software creation. One look at the interface and it's an unabashed FreeShip screen, with no attempt to make it look like anything else.

    Yeah, this guy is a crook, so you've been warned.

    Look at and for real designs, by living designers and NA's. There are also other places you can go for plans.
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    Depends on exactly the type of craft desired but there are quite a few in this size range. You could say look at the I 550 or a design from the Uk such as one on this site. There are quite a few nice craft in this range.

    Yes, you need to pay a small sum for the plans but like PAR says, they are drawn and supported by current living n/a s'. He may also have a suitable design, check out his plans.

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    Some alternatives...


    The advice from Par to get current plans supported by a current designer is absolutely correct. Materials and technology have advanced remarkably and you will save the cost of plans in the resulting use of materials, not to mention a probably better boat.

    But you haven't said what sort of boat you want, at 5-6 metres you could be talking canoe, dinghy, dayboat, keelboat, trailer sailer or yacht.

    Apart from Par's plans, you could look for


    Good luck
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