singlehanded fun in the bay

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by smilicus, Mar 22, 2011.

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    I have posted a few threads on the forum already. I am looking for plans for a 2.4mr sailboat, preferably for strip plank construction. I love the little small "yachts" and it will be perfect for single handed sailing in our bay.

    I have also come across another boat that I like, but cant find much of it online ( Any of you have an idea who the designer is?

    A few Question;

    1. Which one is more stable (seaworthy)
    2. What would your choice be between the two (or another design) for a economical, home built, single handed keeler?

    Thanks guys :D
  2. BYDE
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    hello smilicus,

    I've been planning to design (then build) a sort of 2.4mr for myself since a few months, but so far I've been too busy.
    Since I need it for myself too, I could sell you the design for a small price.
    Write me a private email for the price or to see my former works.

    Strip planking is good for me (plus a bit of GRP on both sides)

    your questions:
    1. the miniopen looks like a 'standard' 2.4mr where they increased the hull form stability. so yes, apparently more stable (it depends also on other factors)
    2. my choice would be to contact byde and trust him :D
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