Single handed - improve initial stability?

Discussion in 'Stability' started by PeterCC, Feb 22, 2021.

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    @tlouth7 "firstly you will mess with the hydrodynamics which could have a surprisingly big impact" ...yes that was one of the big unknown things i was worried about...totally killing light air performance.

    NO old baggy sails here :) beautiful new partial full batten Hyde sails.

    Bottom line - i think I'm going to try your suggestion, if that doesn't work i might just have to become a better sailor
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    You may want to try some different sail combinations as well. I've found that on shallow draft trailor sailors like this sometimes instead of reefing the main it is much more effective to hoist a 90% jib and sheet it inside the stays if you're having trouble going upwind (assuming your sails are hank on). You'd be surprised how much an overlapping genoa can contribute to healing/weather helm even with the mainsail reefed.
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