simple turbine drive

Discussion in 'Surface Drives' started by hobbybuilder, Aug 3, 2006.

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    hobbybuilder Junior Member

    Here attached is a simple turbine drive
    Large intake duct and exhaust
    Different engine sizes can be swapped.
    Speed 5-15mph.
    Will be embeded under the boat.

    Let me hear about your opiions.

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  2. ernie
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    ernie Junior Member

    could somting like this push a kayak at say 2-3 knots (paddle speed) with a 12 - 36 volt eletric motor?
    can you post more detailed drawings?
  3. marshmat
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    I'm afraid it's kind of hard to tell how it works from that drawing. What's the impeller configuration? It doesn't look like an axial or mixed-flow pump; a centrifugal would usually intake parallel to the shaft.... is it a gear pump of some sort? A flexible-vane pump?
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