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Discussion in 'Software' started by Bill G., Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Bill G.
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    Bill G. New Member

    Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a simple plate development software program?
    This could either be a stand alone program or if there is a program out there that includes it that would great.
  2. Janos Erzinger
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  3. rwatson
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  4. Tomasz Wawrzyniak
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    Tomasz Wawrzyniak New Member

    I'm still using Rhino Expander (Ship Constructor product) - plugin which used to work up to rhino 3 - so I still use this version only to unroll plates with which other soft doesn't handle.
  5. AlanX
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    AlanX Senior Member

    Carlson Hull Designer (DOS) is perhaps the simplest. Usually you start with a Table of Offsets.
    FreeShip (a much more powerful product) can import/export XYZ coordinates and other formats including Carlson Hull Designer files.
    There are other packages but I have not tried them.

    Regards AlanX
  6. pafurijaz
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    pafurijaz Senior Member

    FreeCAD V. 0.20 now has a new feature to develop basic shapes in the workbench Curve, but allow also the unwrapping of a complex surfaces converted to mesh, but is a workaround.


    Unwrap mesh

  7. baeckmo
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    baeckmo Hydrodynamics

    "RevCad Mesh Unfolder" is a "light" and inexpensive software that produces unfolding/flattening of panels. It will import DXF, STL and OBJ-formats (plus some more), and it indicates remaining stress level in the sheet after flattening operation. This function is missing in many of the unfolding procedures found in some CAD-programs. With this, you can arrange/split a panel with a slight double curvature so that it will allow "torturing" into flatness and vice versa. It's pretty handy, but take care not to import STL-files with too fine mesh; it will slow the process.

  8. Alexanov
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