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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by masonpowers, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. masonpowers
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    masonpowers New Member

    i work as a boat builder and am now at my witts end!!!!
    sick of building every one elses boat!!!!!!!
    time for my own.
    but i want somthing different
    somthing not seen
    a new design!

    if any of you budding designers out there hav a CAD boat you want to see fleshed out in the real world then show me what you got.
    even if its just a shell thats fine.
    i am looking for either a big power cruiser or a displacment cat.
    30' min 42'max
    more a relay and chillout boat

    so can anyone help?
  2. kengrome
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    kengrome Senior Member

    This one is just a shell, design obviously not finished:

    It's a simple hull design for a 31 foot double-ended displacement power boat ... a beachable shuttle boat or small ferry for use directly from the local beaches and between the islands.


    With modification I'm sure it would become a very comfortable cruiser, and its Seabright skiff heritage should make it a very seaworthy boat as well.

    31 feet in length
    9 feet 6 inches beam

    Waterlines shown:
    12 inches at 4600 pounds displacement
    18 inches at 8000 pounds displacement

    I used the Seabright skiff bottom for safety when running through the surf and for sitting stable and upright when landed. I also made it an easy beach-loading craft via its unusual bow transom which opens downward to become a loading ramp, while the stern transom will have a safety re-boarding ladder on it.

    Larger image here:
  3. raw
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    raw Senior Member

    This is a 34 ft concept that never came about in the end. It got a lot further through preliminary design, than this so I do have more information at hand.

    I don't think its what you are looking for, but hey you asked.....

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  4. yipster
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    yipster designer

    bit bigger, but have a look at this concept

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  5. waikikin
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    waikikin Senior Member

    Masonpowers, what material are you looking to build in? If your comfy with composite & have realistic budget I have tooling for 41' displacement sail cat, my NA "may" be happy to redraw & calc to power configuration, if thats in your line pm me for more detail. Regards from Jeff.
  6. Gilbert
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    Gilbert Senior Member

    Hi Mason,
    I am curious to know what the term relay boat means.
  7. waikikin
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    waikikin Senior Member

    Gilbert, typo i reckon y in plce of x. regards from jef. PS: he aint posted since.
  8. lewisboats
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    lewisboats Obsessed Member

    30 ft trailerable MotorCruiser


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  9. SkipperSki
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    SkipperSki Junior Member

    You might want to check out the Calkins design, of the Bartender, double-end Surf Dory. While they are light weight in wood, Aluminum ones have been built, for C.G. and some Oil companies.
    I'm thinking of building a 34 footer, sport-cruiser myself, but I'm just in the planning stages, to determine hull materials, of either wood, alum., or steel.

  10. la cage
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    la cage Junior Member

    Consider building uses my method of construction I have developed over 30 years. The interior is built first inside a steel skeleton. I saved 3000 man hours building my 12m, yacht. Good luck from down under. Peter Bourne.
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