Should I paint or re-gelcoat?

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by brad123, Jun 4, 2004.

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    Lets get something straight. Anyone who knows how to do quality repairs on a boat doesn't use duratec. It's pretty and it shines, but does it hold up the the abuse of hitting things. NO! The best thing is doing it right if you want quality, take the time to do it right.
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    So, what if time is not an issue at all.

    You have a 50 foot fibre glass sailing boat and you simply want to apply a bottom coating that gives you the longest time possible before you need to do another maintenance, the most durable bottom coating there is, what should you choose? Epoxy gelcoat?

  3. Guy G
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    Depends on what you want!

    Hello there and I hope I can give you the answers so you can choose what is right for you. Epoxy is good and stong, bonds well, and last a long time. But it does have a draw back that people don't talk to much about. Once you use epoxy, polyester resin will not bond to it ever again till you get every bit of it off. gel coat bonds the best and you can always fix it with the same material composites. Once you change over to epoxy, the pattern must change. In the long run, it will cost you more than using polyester gelcoat. So in my opinion gelcoat is the right choice. But you must use bottom paint if your going to keep it in salt water. There is a product that Chris Craft used that has copper and silver in the gelcoat that keeps it better than bottom paint. You must connect a low level amount of electricity to the hull. It works awesome and you can always look into that. I loved it. There may be an after market type of material that copied it. It's something to look into. Costs in the front but the long term effect was awesome on the pocket book. That is something in it's self. Good Luck!
  4. Guy G
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    Mikey, if you ever have any questions about what you should do, I always ask myself what would I expect someone to do on my boat since I have been doing fiberglass for over 20 years. I expect perfection from myself. So I will only do the same if I was doing someone elses boats. I build ground effects on cars for shows. If you have ever seen some of the crap companies produce, it's sad! Thay know people will buy things that look cool! But in reality it's not worth a ****! Thats sad that there are people out there willing to do garbage work and sell it and it's tough enough to convince people that if you do fiberglass right, It's pound for pound 10 times stronger than steel! I have done the tests myself and there are so many opertunities that fiberglass can be used in instead of steal, but people doubt it because of all the **** on the market today!
  5. Guy G
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    For Corpus Skipper, Okay, I have seen alot of good advise on this site and alot of want to be's. I am Guy Graves of G&M CUSTOM FIBERGLASS. Just because a company paints a damn boat does not mean it is right. If you own a Hatteras, then you know your *** will be doing paint repairs too. Paint is pretty and weak, thats the real of it. Just like people using Duratec. It goes on smooth for those that don't know how to break down gelcoat and spray it. Duratec is soft and weak but not as bad as alot of the other things people could use.Anyone here hear of styrine? Bone wax? and polymers? You can make your own finishing product and not give in to poor quality.Everything is quality to me and I'm sick of the dollar minded because it makes boats seem cheap when they can be built right and still affordable. It is in the Top as brace to line their pockets and not to worry about the future. It makes me sick when people cut corners then to those they did it to get screwed. If peole that are like me stuck to a rule. We would all make out better. If they want **** work, don't do it!
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    Guy, what is the best way to spray gelcoat on an existing boat. I have used Duratec in the past with good results. I was not aware of its shortcomings.
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    has any used this wearlon product mentions a few post back by a car painter? look at the web site sounds pretty good...low VOC! super slick...hey use it on ships that cross the ocean much a gallon? will it stick to fiberglass? sounds like the ticket for a surf dory thats slides on the sand evey time out! do you think paint is going to hold up to that abuse?
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    not to but in guys ,but im getting readdy to gelcoat or 2part epoxie my boat im planning to leave it in salt water for years, the discussion here is intriging to me ,,,,,because I just dont know. some tell me epoxie is most water resistant, so if my boat is okumie glassed over is gelcoatbetter also what about barriercoat? your advice is greatly apriciated,,,longliner
  9. rturbett
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    rturbett Senior Member

    Iv'e learned a lot by reading all these posts. Thanks for sharing. Now, if anyone would like to prove their point, you are all welcome to come to Rochester, NY next month and paint my boat for me!

  10. tonydignity
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    Gelcoat and coloured gelcoat are two different animals.Gelcoat is used to act as a barrier against osmosis. Coloured gelcoat is more porous .hence the Hatteras decision.
    Hatteras was a leader in not including Colour below the waterline years ago because they and many other builders found it produced better longer lasting Hulls.
    It doesnt have so much to do with finish as hull quality.
    My own experience is that good quality paint provides a better finish than coloured gel coat ,I believe that a good painter can get an even thickness with paint .

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    Duratec Mis info

    You can not spray gelcoat with duratec additive without sanding and buffing after, you need to sand the surface lightly and buff to a high gloss. Duratec makes the gelcoat harder and shinier.
    Product Application Instructions from Hawkeye Industries
    Product: Duratec® Polyester Hi-Gloss Coating (904-040 Clear, 602-021
    Black, 608-021 Orange, 614-021 White, 604-041 Unpigmented)
    Duratec Polyester Hi-Gloss Coating is used to put a high gloss on composite plugs and
    patterns and wood product surfaces.
    Here’s how to apply Duratec Polyester Hi-Gloss Coating:
    1. Sand the surface to a 180-grit finish to ensure proper mechanical adhesion. Wipe
    with a clean cloth. Do not use a tack rag.
    2. Thoroughly stir Duratec Polyester Hi-Gloss Coating in the can prior to catalyzing.
    Due to the rapid gel time of the topcoat, catalyze only what can be applied
    within 15-17 minutes. (Higher temperatures yield a shorter pot life and gel time,
    while lower temperatures will yield a longer pot life and gel time.) Catalyze at 2
    percent with mekP catalyst (20 cc per quart). Thin 5-15 percent if necessary to a
    desired spray viscosity with Duratec Thinner or mek solvent after catalyzation.
    Note: Spray pressures should be 35-50 psi. If a pressure pot is used, provide 10-15 psi pot
    3. Spray the coating with a fine mist coat and wait 2 minutes for the solvents to
    flash off. Follow with multiple wet coats up to a total thickness of 10-15 mils, 250-
    375 microns. After curing, dry sand up to a 800- or higher grit finish, then allow
    to cure overnight prior to further sanding, compounding and polishing.
    Note: If more than 12 hours pass during sanding, the overnight waiting period is not
    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Duratec Polyester Hi-Gloss Coating is extremely flammable. Do
    not apply near sparks, open flame or heat. Keep area ventilated. Do not smoke. Avoid
    continuous breathing of vapor. Do not take internally.

    Buy Duratec here
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