Shockwave 37 History

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Eliseviv, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Hi James,

    Mai-Tai performed as hoped. Didn't break anything important, but really learned alot about the boat. Adjustments include:

    -selftailer on main halyard..... reef in, reef out, reef in reef out.
    -shorten main battens where they snagged the running back-stays on every "unreef"
    -jammers on mast for genoa, spinnaker and main halyards
    -tangle avoidance for the front of the mast for tacking
    -improve hull eyes for prodder pole (deformed the one I used under the load)
    -more positive jamming of the back stay runners, and mast pivot control
    -need to think about spinnaker pole down-haul... was a right PITA the way I was doing it.
    -sheet bags in about 10 places
    -winch handle pockets near mast!
    -change #1 reef out-haul (bent the existing one like a swizel (new word))
    -new out-haul on boom (current one useless)

    -Remove the Ruddige.. (the name we gave to the outboard pod....). (hadn't thought about a longer (long) foot... Ill look into that!)

    On comfort side, I do need to set up some sort of bimini, especially when the winds are light and zero cover from the sun......

    Also need a new main. the existing one is a worn out piece of crap... but economics dictate its continued use!

    We were a bit circumspect with sail changes when beating on the way home, but 5 days of headwinds and all was happy at the end.

    The biggest problem is I got some tropical bug in my system, cellulitis and an infection of the knee requiring minor surgery.... so 5 days in hospital later.. It would appear I faired far worse than the boat!

    This long weekend coming, taking the 11 year old son on a promised overnighter... cant wait :).

    Goodluck with the Tri

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    Shockwave37 Article from 1977!!

    Thanks to Bella, whose dad build Skua here is an article from 1977.... (same year my LX Torana was built....

    Page 1


    Page 2


    Page 3


    Page 4


    Simpler times im guessing.

    Thanks Bella for the articles.
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    Thanks for putting this up. Really interesting slice of multihull history.

    Love the propulsion system - tried it yet?
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    My 3 mtr blowmoulded PVC dinghy would have to be heaviest lump that has ever been invented.. I would double the weight of "Mai Tai" in an instant...... But I guess with the right dinghy it could be a solution. Perhaps would be possible to make a pivoting nacelle which doubles as a dinghy and kill two birds with the one stone :)...

    Not the solution for me today but ;-)

    (thanks "keysdisease" for photo)

  5. Eliseviv
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    Got a new Picture for my workshop wall.

    Got lucky and a friendly prior owner/builder of a Shockwave gave me an overview copy of a plan for the workshop wall :)

    So off to the laminators today to put it on the wall.

    Getting there slowly with some history on the old girl!!

    Amazed at how the original fabrication on Mai Tai is very similar to the diagrams, so someone followed the plans pretty closely.


    Fun dreaming at work, when I cant actually be out on her!
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    redreuben redreuben

    Scan it before you laminate it !
  7. Eliseviv
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    Well we've done another Darwin-Dili Race, and did not do too shabbily. Managed an average of 7.5Kts DMG for the trip, finishing 4 hours behind Australian Maid (55"), and about an hour behind Game Set (a 38" Bavaria Match). Drove her as hard as we could flying an asymmetric for most of the race, but a few poor decisions on my part left us in a some avoidable wind holes, which we will learn from for next year. For those interested the story is written up at:


    A few more jobs for next year including the removal of the central pod, and the trampolines reinstated across the rear deck. Also need a smaller heavier asymmetric as we were pretty much overpowered for the spinnakers we had. Not a big deal however and easily sourced.


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    Hi Eliseviv,

    I was doing some reminiscing about previous boats I had sailed on and stumbled across this thread. Do you still own Mai Tai? I crewed on her in the late 80s, early 90s, still remember those times fondly. The thread seems to have missed some basic history on the boat but you may have filled in the blanks by now. If not let me know, I will tell you what I remember.

  9. Bruce Woods
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    I can answer this for you, yes he does.
    The boat is in pretty rough condition through neglect and little maintenance.
    This and the added weight etc saw it threaten to tear itself apart again in the recent Darwin Sumlarki race and retire.
    With a couple of very experienced crew onboard they managed to self rescue.

  10. Pil007
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    I also owned a 37' Shockwave..... The old Pumpkin Eater..... I bought it from Lock Percey in bad shape and spent too much on it removing heavy crap... I raced it a few years at Cronulla... We won the 1999 or 2000 Lock Crowther in Pitwater and then sold it to a guy in Stradbroke..... never heard of it again...... I remember Miranda HiFi when Ricky Peipman bought it after going aground in Kogarah bay.... he on sold to the guy that called it Mai Tai and sailed to Darwin... put the cabin on it....
    Great boats and great history.... I now own a later Shockwave called XL2..... XL2 Cronulla.JPG
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